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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Bing loses to DuckDuckGo in Google’s new Android search engine ballot, Tracking Offline Conversions in Microsoft Advertising, Using Google’s Dynamic Ads to Personalize and drive Conversions, Mobile-first creative approach for brand’s video ads and more.


How Deliveroo invented Virtual Neighbourhoods in order to grow Paid Search by 166% –  An informative post by Byron Tassoni-Resch explaining how automation and building technical solutions helped Deliveroo to significantly scale conversions driven by Paid Search.


Bing loses out to DuckDuckGo in Google’s new Android search engine ballot – From March 1st, EU citizens will be given a choice of four search engines to use as their default, including Google & DuckDuckGo the most frequently offered choice as Bing tied for the last place. James Vincent shares more insight in this blog post.


Adopt a mobile-first creative approach for your brand’s video ads – Matching consumer behavior on mobile through a creative impacts campaign result. Mobile-first creative is likely to lift the brand compared to video ads. Learn more here.


Twitter announces Promoted Trend Spotlight goes global – An announcement of the Promoted Trend Spotlight, newest takeover ad product on Twitter which pairs the undeniable stopping power of video with the premium real estate of Twitter’s Explore tab.


Branding with Amazon DSP: An interview with Ed Dinichert – An interview with Ed Dinichert, director of global programmatic advertising sales at Amazon Advertising regarding Amazon DSP, How advertisers & agencies have reacted to this, Common questions from advertisers, and more.


How to Track Offline Conversions in Microsoft Advertising – In this blog post, Tim Jensen helps us understand how to import offline conversion data into Microsoft Advertising.


Migrate to Expanded Text Ads: Deadline extended – In April, Microsoft announced that standard text ads would no longer serve after 2019 but to give advertisers more time to migrate, the deadline has been extended to March 31, 2020.


Expanded Transparency and More Controls for Political Ads – Facebook is updating its Ads library with new features which will provide people an increased level of transparency and give them more control with regards to social issues and political ads.


Using Google’s Dynamic Ads to Personalize, Drive Conversions – A brief post by Matthew Umbro explaining how Google’s Dynamic Ads helps you to drive more conversions.


Google Ads testing custom dimensions to enable reporting based on your business structure – In this blog post, Ginny Marvin explains the importance of Google Ads custom dimensions and how it simplifies the reporting efforts and campaign naming systems.


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