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Here is the recap of this weeks PPC News! Facebook’s announcement to help boost small businesses advertising on its platform, How to build and optimize a Google Shopping campaign, Pros and cons of exporting Google Ads data to sheet, Part three of Google Ads position analysis and more


Giving Small Businesses the Tools to Succeed on Facebook In today’s world, small businesses have great impact on our society and economy. Facebook has announced some tools to help small businesses to promote their business on it’s platform. Get more insight here


Mobilizing for summer: Google Marketing Live 2019 This week, Google is holding their annual Marketing event to disclose their new products. Get a sneak peek here of what will be discussed at the event. Follow this update in the announcement section as well.


Google Ads Reports Can Now Be Downloaded in Sheets – Pros & Cons Earlier this month, Google added the ability to export Google Ads data to sheet. What are pros and cons of this feature, Frederick Vallaeys explains us in this write-up.


Smart strategies for growing your app business with ads A brief write-up to know ways to scale your business using Google’s growth and monetization solutions.


From Average to Exact Part 3: Performance over Time In our previous weekly PPC News posts, we have mentioned about the analysis done by Martin Roettgerding on Google Ads Position. Here is the analysis part 3 which talks about performance over a period of time.

Should You Implement All of Your Google Ads Recommendations? Google has variety of new recommendations which can improve campaign performance. But should we implement all these suggestions? Aden Andrus helps us to know in this article.


Everybody has got it wrong on testing Responsive Search Ads. Here is how to do it correctly In this post, Wesley Parker explains how to do responsive search ads testing correctly.


Facebook Audience Network Inventory Filter:Are You Ready For The Coming Changes? In Facebook audience network, we had the option to control where we would like our ads to be shown by using exclusion categories but these categories will no longer be available in future. What exactly is changing, Aaron Childs helps us to understand in this write-up.


Negative Keywords Come to Amazon Sponsored Brands Ability to add Negative Keywords which were only available for Sponsored Products ads, has now been made available for Sponsored Brand ads too. Get more insight here about this update from Amazon.


How To Build And Optimize a Google Shopping Campaign Google Shopping has grown larger in recent years compare to traditional PPC campaign. How can you get your product on Google’s first page and how to optimize your campaign, Tom Whatley sheds light with six simple steps.


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