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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Facebook dynamic retargeting campaigns, The introduction of Google Ads Video Ad Sequencing, Pros and cons of LinkedIn Lead Gen forms, Ten Google Ads scripts to grow, Way to build Google Ads campaign for the holiday and more.


Make the Most Out of Your Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Campaigns – A brief post by Ana Gotter explaining how we can use a remarketing campaign to focus on what parts of the original ads users are responding to, delivering them with more relevant and engaging ad campaigns.


An introduction to Google Ads Video Ad Sequencing (VAS) – A brief introduction of Google Ads Video Ad Sequencing which allows advertisers to tell about their products or brand by showing people a series of videos.


Seven Innovative Holiday Advertising Strategies for 2020 (but you can start now) – In this competitive online advertising world, advertisers have to think out of the box. Brad Smith helps to know seven innovative holiday advertising strategies that you can follow in 2020.


How to Recover Average Ad Position using Non-Linear Bayes and Weighted Ensembles – In this blog post, let’s learn how to make an analysts’ work easier during the transition away from the average position by building a predictive algorithm of average position from other Search auction share metrics.


LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Pros And Cons For B2B Marketers – In this blog post, Andrea Cruz Lopez helps to know the pros and cons of a very commonly used ad format in LinkedIn which is Lead Gen Forms.


Copy Testing: Why It’s Necessary & How to Make It Work -Copy testing is a form of market research that determines the likelihood of an advertisement’s success. Brad Smith gives us an insight into the necessity of copy testing and how we can get most out of it.


A Way To Build Google Ads Campaigns For The Holidays Fast – Though we take time to build out a campaign and to meet performance goals and focus on quality over quantity, the holiday season brings upon us a whole different set of circumstances. Michael Flemming helps to know how we can quickly build a campaign or add keywords to an existing one.


The 10 Google Ads Scripts You Want To Download (for Free) To Grow –  In this blog post, get to know 10 Google Ads scripts to get the ability to automate different aspects of your campaigns.


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