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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! New guide from Facebook to target ideal customers during their key moments,Microsoft’s new and improved Recommendations tab,Partnership between Quora Ads and Dataroma, Display network for brand awareness and more

Enhance your campaigns with new AI-driven recommendations tab – People who advertise with Microsoft have the opportunity to improve their campaign performance using new and improved Recommendations Tab. Jessica Cui explains more in this article.


Quora Ads and Datorama Partnership – Integration between Quora Ads and Datorama will help you to receive important insight about your campaign performance. Learn more here.


Quick tips: How to think about targeting on Pinterest – Targeting can boost your campaign’s performance if you have right strategy. Learn some tips here for your next Pinterest campaign to improve your market presence.


Facebook Debuts New Guide to Help Marketers Target Audiences at Key Moments – In today’s world,people love to share their important moments on social media. Here is the new guide from Facebook which will teach you how to target your ideal customers during their key moments.


Build your PPC campaigns with this mini campaign builder script for Google Ads – Automation in PPC has made advertising a hassle free task. In this article, Daniel Gilbert shares a mini script which helps you to build a campaign or add new keywords.


The Biggest Benefit of Google Display Ads (+ How to Leverage This!)– A brief write-up by Joe Martinez which explains how Display network helps in brand awareness.

google ads brand awareness

4 Ways to Improve Your Google Remarketing Conversion Rates – To boost the conversion rate for Remarketing campaign, Brad Smith helps to know four ways in this write-up.


Updates to Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics – Announcement of few updates which Facebook has rolled out with regards to elections in Canada.


4 Steps To Saving Money & Lowering ACoS on Amazon Advertising – Advertisers often wonder,how they can lower their ACoS and save wasted ad spent.  Tanner Schroeder has come up with 4 simple steps which he explains here.


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