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Running a campaign on Google Ads is not even half the battle won. It is the start to discovering what works and what doesn’t, and what does work needs to be optimized further to drive a winning performance.

There are some tried and tested ways to optimize your Google Ads performance. Here is an interesting read on ‘Best tips for Google Ads‘ from Cloudwards.


In addition, give the following a try and make your ads worth every penny being spent.

evaluate google ads performance


Update To New Ad Formats

Google updated its Expanded Text Ads to include an additional headline and description. They also introduced a new ad format, Responsive Search Ads. Both these formats allow advertisers to add more information to their ad copies. In light of these changes, it is advisable to update your ads as per the new norms. Not only does that optimize your ad for performance but you get to offer information which was being missed in the old formats.



Remarketing Lists

Reaching out to audiences who are familiar with you but need that Push to complete a conversion action can be met by creating Remarketing Lists. Targeting your ad to the remarketing audience reinstates the user of the interaction they had with your business and the probability of a positive action increases. Thus, remarketing becomes a crucial step towards optimizing your ad’s performance manifold.



Write Relevant Ad Copies

Nothing matters more than what ad message is being presented to the user. If it answers or solves what the user is looking for, then not only do you receive a click on your ad but also convince them to complete a conversion action. With more expanded ad formats available, advertisers now have ample real estate to mention important and relevant information. So make use of them, and build a compelling ad copy.


You could try our Quality Score Script (helps break down all quality score attributes for your keyword), to find keywords with low ad relevancy and create more relevant ads for your targeted keywords.



Check For Search Partners Performance

Google’s search partners are websites that have partnered with Google to run their ads. Though Google mentions that ‘Search Partner performance doesn’t impact your Quality Score’, it is wise to keep a close watch on how your ads are fairing on these sites. If they aren’t driving results, you could instead focus your ads to search network only and spend your budget more effectively. To check your campaign performance for search partners, go to your account > click on segment > select Network (with search partner). You will get a breakdown of the performance.



Use Bid Automation

If you have a clear objective for your PPC campaign, then you must choose a bidding strategy that works towards achieving that goal for you. Google automatically optimizes your bid to take you a step ahead in reaching your goal. If you want to optimize your performance and are still struggling with what bids to change and where, then let automated bidding do all the thinking for you. If you are skeptical of letting it all go from your hands, then keep a close watch on how your ads are performing for the initial and if satisfactory handover the reins.



A/B Test Alternate Settings

If you have a different setting or targeting in mind, but you are unsure of how it may perform, then A/B testing the alternate settings can help determine that. The possibilities for testing are endless. You could check how potential an ad copy is or a bidding strategy, how a different landing page will impact performance or check impact of a keyword/ negative keyword. With all these testing options and many more, you could identify the loopholes in a campaign and incorporate changes only once you are satisfied with the performance.



Identify Irrelevant Terms

If your ads are being displayed for terms that are nowhere close to your business, then you not only waste your budget but also the overall performance. Identifying such underperforming terms and adding them as Negative Keywords, helps focus your ads on more relevant terms that can bring the conversions.


Here are some tools that you could use to help you with Google Ads optimization:

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