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In order to help advertisers analyze their ads in the new ad format, we have updated our Ad Performance Script to include Responsive Search Ads too.


What are Responsive Search Ads?


Google’s new Responsive Search Ads offers more real estate users. Not only that it uses AI to determine which combination of headline and description to show in the final ad.


Here is what the new ad format offers:

  • Up to 3 headlines. You can provide a total of 15 unique headlines from which AdWords chooses the ones to show in Headline 1,2,3 (if you haven’t specified or pinned a specific headline)
  • Up to 2 descriptions which have a limit of 90 characters each. You can provide a total of about 4 unique description options

Note: This ad format is currently in beta, so if you don’t see it yet, you might soon will.



About Karooya’s Ad Performance Script


With this AdWords script we help you analyze your account for the winning and poor performing ads.


This script pulls ads performance data from your AdWords account and recommends one of the following – (a) You should pause the ads that are performing poorly. (b) You can pause all ads except the ones that are proven to be the winners. (c) You can reactivate some of your better performing ads. The ads will be highlighted as per following color code.


adwords performance script params


The script does not make any changes to your account, but gives you a result sheet. You can use the findings from the result sheet and use the AdWords web interface or the AdWords Editor to pause the ads that are not performing well.



What’s New in Karooya’s Ad Performance Script?


The script now also offers support to Responsive Search Ads so that you can get insight into the performance of your RSAs and determine which one’s are good and poor performers. To get the script click here.


To learn more about using the script visit our post here.


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  1. Dwayne

    Have tried responive ads. Have no idea yet what the benefits. ust less control on the copy.
    You could do the same having one add and 30 call out extensions.


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