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With AdWords having introduced the new ad format Responsive Search Ads in beta, a few months back, advertisers get the opportunity to display more valuable information to their customers. In order to support this new development, we launched the Responsive Search Ads Preview Tool last week and this week we bring to you a helpful template to create your ads.

About Responsive Search Ads

With this new ad format AdWords offers advertisers the option to create multiple headlines and descriptions. Of these headlines and descriptions, AdWords will automatically test different combinations to find the ones performing the best.

Here is what the new ad format offers:

  • Up to 3 headlines. You can provide a total of 15 unique headlines from which AdWords chooses the ones to show in Headline 1,2,3 (if you haven’t specified or pinned a specific headline)
  • Up to 2 descriptions which have a limit of 90 characters each. You can provide a total of about 4 unique description options

Note: This ad format is currently in beta, so if you don’t see it yet, you might soon will.

Responsive Search Ads Template

After making the Responsive Search Ads Tool available, we have pulled together an excel template that can help you create ad copies and test out various ad messaging options. This will create a copy of this template in your own space and start creating ads with it.

You can also download the template from here

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