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Update on 26th December, 2018 – The Expanded Text Ads template now supports the 3rd headline and 2nd description, as per changes announced this year.


Standard Ads is a thing of the past now. Expanded Text Ads is the new ad format that offers more real estate to advertisers. The transition phase is over and to initiate your ETA led campaign you might want to come up with the right messaging.

Expanded Text Ad Preview Tool


So what do you  need to ensure you have the right ad to push to your audience?


You make multiple ad copies to come up with the right messaging, optimal usage of your keyword and a call to action, to finally select the ones you wish to try for A/B testing.


We have pulled together an excel template that can help you create ad copies and test out various ad messaging options. You can download the template from here.


So get started with coming out with the best ETA for your business.


Before that lets revisit what Expanded Text Ads has to offer


The ETA format sports 2 headlines, of 30 characters each.  It has one consolidated description of 80 characters (instead of current two descriptions of 35 characters each.) There are some changes to display URL as well and hence is rightly called Expanded Text Ad .


Expanded Text Ads Character Limit Current Text Ad Limit
Headline 1 30 characters 25 characters
Headline 2 30 characters NA
Description Consolidated 80 character description 2 Description Lines with 35 character each
Display URL Replaced with 2 path fields, each having 15 character limit and is an optional field 35 character limit


Alternately you might wish to access Karooya’s Expanded Text Ads Preview Tool to help you create your expanded text ads and view your ad’s preview real time.


Also you might want to start tracking the Expanded Text Ads with the help of our script that helps you achieve the following:

  • Identify ad groups that do not have an active expanded text ad. These ad groups will be highlighted with red background for you already.
  • Identify ad groups where ETAs are underperforming standard ads on any of the key metric, such as CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate, etc.


So get going with these useful resources and optimize your account for ETAs.


Click here to download the Expanded Text Ads Template. If you want to use the same spreadsheet with Google Sheets, you can create a copy  of this template in your own space and start creating ads with it.


Now you have the template ready to start creating your ETA ads.


Test Your Expanded Ads:

Additionally for all your active expanded text ads you must check their performance to determine the performing and non performing ads. This AdWords script to find best performing ads will help you find the winning ads in your account. Run this script an pause the poor performing ads.


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