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Auditing your Google Ads account helps uncover improvement areas that can help boost up your campaign performance. But, of the many features and settings, which are those key tasks that need to be reviewed again and again? In this post we share a handy Google Ads Audit Template that can help make your auditing flow smooth and precise.

Why is PPC Audit required?

adwords audit template

PPC account audit helps refine your campaigns to meet your marketing objective or KPIs set. Not only does it help you find areas of improvement but also identifies opportunities that were missed out while creating your campaign. It is a recurring task that needs its due attention. For some elements weekly revisiting the account might be required, however for other tasks you might want to evaluate when substantial data has been captured.

Components of Google Ads Audit Template

We have created a template or checklist of items that you must review in your Google Ads account. You can make a copy of the template here and directly start making changes to it or you can download the template by clicking here.

Broadly, the following areas have been covered in the audit template, which have been separately discussed in individual posts.

1. Account Settings – What are the settings that need to be made at the account level? This section captures those key tasks such as linking of google properties and having a coherent structure to sail through the account.

2. Conversion Tracking – While creating a campaign is of utmost importance, knowing how that campaign has performed can help plan better. Having enabled conversion tracking and defining conversion action helps achieve that objective.

3. Campaign Settings – There are certain setting at campaign level that are selected by default. You might want to review them and check what matters most to your business. It is followed up with whether appropriate budget has been assigned, ad scheduling has been set etc.

4. Ads – Your ads are the face of your business. So, auditing your ads to find performing and underperforming ads carries a lot of weightage. Also, reviewing your ads for compelling message will improve the click rate.

5. Keywords – Using the right set of keywords helps you show your ad for relevant queries. Keeping a track of which keywords are generating traffic and which aren’t helps use your bid appropriately.

6. Quality Score – An important component that determines how your ads rank in the search results page is the Quality Score. Finding keywords with low QS and optimizing them will directly impact how and where your ad shows.

7. Targeting – It also makes all the difference to opt for right targeting. Initially the targeting might just be limited to keywords, however, with substantial data available you can decide which device, location etc. to drive your focus on.

8. Ad Extensions – Ad Extensions improves your campaign’s CTR which helps leverage your ad’s rank . It gives advertisers the benefit of displaying alternate and useful information that cannot otherwise be captured in the ad copy content.

Once Again click here to download the Google Ads Audit Template. If you want to view the same spreadsheet with Google Sheets, you can make a copy of this template.

Now you have the template ready to start conducting audit of your account.

You can also check out our Free AdWords Audit Report that helps generate valuable insights from your AdWords account.

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