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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Google Ads API returning to beta, New Update for App Campaign, Google Ads and Account based marketing, Ways to maximize your video campaign on Twitter and more.


Get clearer insights on ad performance with prominence metrics – To better optimize your campaign performance,Microsoft Advertising is providing few metrics which will help you to know where your ads are appearing on search result pages. Get an insight here.


Google Ads API Returning to Beta – After hearing feedback about slow response time of Google Ads API, Google has decided to move it to beta status . Learn more here.


Introducing Nielsen DMA Targeting for Quora Ads – For many advertisers, location targeting is an important tactic to use ad budget effectively. Keeping this in mind, Quora has announced specific geographic Nielsen DMA targeting. Know more here.



New updates for App campaigns help unlock more search inventory on iOS mobile web browsers – Google’s announcement for App ads to show for more searches on iOS mobile web browsers starting in July 2019. Learn more here.


The Right Way to Import Google Ads Campaigns into Microsoft Ads – A brief article by Andrea Taylor explaining the right strategy to import Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads.


Google Ads and Account-Based Marketing: Everything You Need to Know – An informative post by Ana Gotter explaining the advantages of Google Ads and Account Based Marketing.


5 Overlooked Facebook Audiences to Improve Your Ad Results – Targeting multiple audiences on Facebook can help you to reach new prospects with your ads. Charlie Lawrence helps to know five types of audiences you can use to target with Facebook ads.




[UPDATE] ETA Preview Tool Updated With New Ad Marker – Inline with Google’s change in Ad label on mobile, team Karooya has updated its ETA & RSA Preview Tool. Learn more here.

preview tool ad label changes


Creative checklist: 5 ways to maximize your video campaign on Twitter – On Twitter, 82% people spend one-third of their time watching videos. In this article, Sean A Leslie explains five creative ways to use video marketing on Twitter to maximize conversions.


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