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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Differences Between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, Ways to Manage Placements For Your Google Ads Display Campaigns, Quora announces two new features to help you measure and attribute conversions and more.

3 PPC Fundamentals You Shouldn’t Overlook When Launching Google Ads Campaigns – After launching hundreds of Google Ads campaigns, we feel like an expert but sometimes, we can overlook key PPC fundamentals in a rush to get ads live or while making changes and updates. Here, Pauline Jakober explains three fundamentals for launching Google Ads campaigns that PPC pros sometimes overlook.


3 Major Differences Between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising – The most common mistake advertisers do, is optimizing Microsoft Ads in the exact same way as with their Google Ads account. What are the three major differences between the two advertising platforms, Joe Martinez explains in this blog post.


Explore new Product Group capabilities for Shopping Campaigns – To save time while managing your Shopping Campaigns and to give you enhanced visibility into account performance, Microsoft Ads has announced new Shopping Campaign functionalities. Learn more about this announcement here.


Ways to Manage Placements For Your Google Ads Display Campaigns – There are often so many placements where our ads show even though they don’t make sense based on our targeting selections. How can we manage them then? Kristin Palmer explains some ideas to manage placements in this article.


How to Create Ad Funnels for Different Types of Products – All marketers know about the sales funnels but not all of them know how to create ad funnels for distinct products. This blog post discusses a step-by-step process to create successful ad funnels for different types of products.


Gmail on standard Shopping campaigns – Shopping ads (both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads) that target the Google Display Network will be eligible to appear on Gmail in addition to YouTube and Google Discover from March 4th, 2020. Get more insight here.


The Top Google Ads Strategies for Ecommerce in 2020 – Ecommerce businesses need to take a different approach when it comes to selling products effectively.  In this article, Ana Gotter encourages us to use some top Google Ads strategies for eCommerce businesses in 2020 to get high returns.


Better Measure and Attribute Conversions with Advanced Match and Conversion Windows – Quora announces two new features to help you measure and attribute conversions: Advanced Match and Conversions Windows. Learn more about these two features in this informative blog post.


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