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Google Ads Scripts helps automate or simplify some of the key and repetitive PPC tasks. We have been creating useful scripts now and then to help advertisers manage their PPC account optimally.

Here is a quick recap of all the scripts we have created ever since and how they can be of help:

Google Ads Script For Search Term Trends – This script compares the search terms over two periods and highlights the changes in the traffic. This is useful to identify the search terms that are no longer available to the advertisers due to recent changes to visibility of search terms by Google.

Free AdWords Script to Analyze Quality Score in Detail – This script gives an account summary of each keyword vis-a-vis the quality score components. Expected CTR, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience are given a status basis which advertisers can take a decision on what action to take. These statuses are; Above Average, Average and Below Average.

AdWords Script to Find Poor Performing Ads – The Ad Performance Script, analyzes your Google Ads account for winning and poor performing ads. The script pulls ads performance data from your account and recommends one of the following

  • You should pause the ads that are performing poorly
  • You could pause all ads except the winning ads
  • You can reactivate some of your better performing ads.

The script was updated to also support ‘Responsive Search Ads‘ so that you can get insight into the performance of your RSAs and determine which one’s are good and poor performers. 

AdWords Script To Track Performance of AdWords Experiments – This script helps generate a report that puts cumulative experiment stats together and shows how the experiment is performing when compared with the original campaign.

Track Responsive Search Ads’ Rollout – With this script you can track performance of your Responsive Search Ads versus Expanded Text Ads and take necessary measures to optimize the performance, if required. You can get insight of ad groups where your RSAs are underperforming in comparison to ETAs on any of the key metric, such as CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate, etc.

AdWords Script to Identify Duplicate Keywords, Including Close Variants – This script identifies the duplicates within same keyword match type and also flags even the close variants as duplicates. It uses a technique called stemming to find out the roots of each word. To get root word for each word, this script contacts an external service, built by Karooya. This script breaks the keywords into individual words, removes duplicate instances of words and then contacts external service to get stemmed words.

Have you tried any of these scripts? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you have not, then get hold of them now and let us know if there are any scripts you wish that we create.

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