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Selecting the right Landing Page ensures that your PPC campaign gets the closure you are aiming for. A campaign’s performance is determined on analyzing the key metrics. Digging deep into what and what is not driving results can help optimize the performance. Landing Page is one such important contributor in determining how your campaign excels. But how will you ascertain which page to use?

ab testing landing page



Why is Landing Page Important?


The ad that a user clicks is the first step he takes to know about you. The next step is for the advertiser to use his platform (the website) as a relevant source of information. So, the landing page the ad takes the users to, must carry relevance to what was being searched and offer the answers to his query.


Here are some of the ways with which you can improve your landing page experience.


Evaluating your landing page helps meet the following objective:

  • Ensures a positive landing page experience
  • Gives user the information he is in search for
  • Increases the chances of the user completing a successful conversion action
  • Improves your Quality Score as a result of positive experience
  • A high Quality Score leads to the following:
    • Improved keyword targeting
    • Driving relevant traffic
    • Reducing the overall cost
    • Improved Ad Ranking
    • High Click Through Rates


The above reasons makes it all the more important to review your landing page. A/B testing the landing pages is one way to determine which landing page is worthy of driving results. As much the A/B testing of the ad messaging is important, conducting an A/B test for your landing page is worth the try.


How To Conduct A/B Test of Your Landing Page?


1. If you have different versions of the same landing page such as placement of the CTA, color, layout, the content etc. You can create the two versions and check which one is able to get the traction you are aiming for. The one with satisfying results can be continued forward with.


2. To test a successful page for your PPC campaign, create identical ads but with different destination pages. Run those ads indefinitely, and evaluate once substantial results are available to draw comparison.


3. If a certain ad isn’t driving the results then try to alter the landing page to determine if that was the factor affecting the performance. Evaluate the past performance with the current one to draw conclusion.


4. Try to test only one thing at a time. For instance, if you want to test the impact of layout on the customer’s decision then concentrate on that item first and move to the rest. This ensures that with the A/B testing you derive clear results and are not left confused with what combination of items worked for you.


5. There are many tools and calculators available online, that can help you determine the winner from your A/B testing activities. Some of such tools are Kissmetrics A/B Significance Test, HubSpot’s A/B Test Calculator etc.



A/B testing is an activity that should not be put to rest even if you are achieving results. There might be the slightest of possibility that a better version can be presented to the users. So test often and see your advertising efforts give you the results you have been vying for.


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