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If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that Google Ads will keep us on our toes at all times. Google announced in August 2021, that RSAs would be the default ad type by June 2022. Now, it has gone through another change and this time, it is ad customizers.

Ad Customizers in Google Ads

Ad Customizers actively customize your ads in real-time based on device, location, date, and client response. It’s ideal for marketers that don’t want to alter rates or special offers manually.

Brands can use ad customizers to provide a more personalized and unique experience for their customers to give greater results.

Over the years, Google has learned that Responsive Search Ads give advertisers more options to reach potential customers and Ad customizers help by giving more control without sacrificing the adaptability of RSAs.

What Is This Ad Customizer Change All About

Earlier, Responsive Search Ads did not have the option to upload the ad customizer data file. But now, using the responsive search ad spreadsheet template, you can modify your current business data text ad customizers to responsive search ad customizers. Unlike text ads, You must first construct your customizer ( Explain the ad attributes). You can add these attributes individually or use a spreadsheet to upload multiple.

How To Go About Making The Change in the Ad Copy

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Log in to your Google Ads account. Click on Tools & Settings + Set up and Business Data

2. Click on the “Ad Customizer Attributes”. Clicking on the plus (+) sign will help you to create attributes.

create ad customizer attributes

3. You can click on the + sign if you wish to create multiple attributes.

Added ad customizer attributes

4. Download the excel template and fill the data in the template ( Attributes, Campaign, Ad group, Keywords).

Adding ad customizer template

Upload the filled sheet in the upload section of Bulk Actions and uploads.

5. The uploaded file, when previewed, will look like this

Uploaded ad customizer sheet

If everything looks fine in preview, you can apply the template.

Apply the ad customizer changes

6. Create RSAs and add the defined ad customizers attributes.

Ad customizers while creating RSA

7. This is how your RSAs will be once you add the customizers.

Created RSAs with ad customizers

8. Here is the preview of your ad showing the added ad customizer

Preview of the ad showing the ad customizer

9. You can visit the Ad customizer attribute section (Tools & Settings>> Business Data) to see the attributes applied to your ad copies

In this competitive world, you wish to serve more relevant and customized ads to your clients. So why not try using Ad Customizers? Although ad customizers are only a small part of the entire strategy, they can be very effective.

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