Weekly PPC News – New Expanded Text Ads, Mobile-First World & more

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With Google Performance Summit having unfolded some major developments, the last week had the PPC domain flooded with opinions and insights on the announcements made and how they are/ are not a must-have for advertisers. Here is a peek into all that the Google Summit covered such as expanded text ads, demographic targeting and more,… Read more »

5 Things Purna Virji’s AMA Session Taught Us

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The recent AMA session with Purna Virji, Bing Ads Training Manager, had her attending to questions related with voice search, how Bing Ads were innovating, the pain areas for PPCers and more. From her PPC experience of more than 10 years, Purna shares some valuable insights on the growing PPC space.

[Transcript] Bing Ads – Upgraded URLs Workshop

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Hosted by MJ DePalma (SEM Pro Channel manager, Bing Ads), this workshop has Jamie Chung (Program Manager, Bing Ads) explaining how Upgraded URL’s simplifies ad tracking and improves URL management. Further he explains the features that advertisers must be prepared for when Upgraded URL’s gets rolled out. Learn the details in this workshop and get trained

Bing Ads Ad Extensions vs AdWords Ad Extensions – Sitelinks, Calllout, Location & more

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Sometimes the ad copy isn’t sufficient enough to connect with your audience. To help advertisers share additional pieces of information in AdWords and Bing Ad, ad extensions provides the options depending on what you want to show. For example, if you wish to direct customers to your store you can use the location extension, similarly if… Read more »