Weekly PPC News – Top 10 AdWords Announcements of 2015

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Don’t miss the top announcements of the year 2015 and learn which ones could be adopted for your PPC strategy the next year. Also, learn about the Smart Goals feature and how it may actually be a beneficial tool for your business. Know about the common mistakes made in call tracking, make PPC work for… Read more »

Top 10 PPC Chat Discussions of 2015

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PPC experts share their view point and experience of newly launched features or strategies that they adopted in these PPC discussion held throughout the year. Here are the top ppc discussions handpicked for your intervention. Learn from these discussions and explore the opportunities as revealed in all these chats.

Top 10 Social Media Ads Announcements of 2015

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The Social Media platform has evolved in this year with many changes brought about to enhance the advertising possibilities for marketers and reach customers at the place where they most often are. From LinkedIn revamping their interface to Facebook introducing new features and tools, here’s a list of the top 10 social media announcements that a… Read more »

Top 10 AdWords Announcements of 2015

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This year witnessed many up-gradations and new announcements in AdWords features and products. All meant with the intent to simplify the workflow and streamline the process of reaching out to intended audience. Also, the ads have been made richer to offer relevant content that meets the user expectation and brings a successful closure to the… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – Use Smart Goals Powered by Google Analytics

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Google announced improvements in automated bidding and announced the launch of Smart Goals to optimize visits in AdWords. Understand about customer match, the techniques to improve your ROI, boosting sales during Christmas season and exploring the advantages of conversion reporting column. All these articles and more covered in this week’s PPC News.