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Making mistakes is human, but not correcting is definitely ignorance. For a PPC advertiser, the importance of negative keyword is unmatched. Its usage and application is critical for optimal performance.

Don’t know about Negative Keyword? Here is a quick recap


Negative keywords are those irrelevant keywords, for which you would not want your ad to show. This serves three purpose:

  • Show ads to people who are more likely to engage with your website
  • Prevent people from coming to your site for services your business doesn’t offer
  • Reduce the CPC and increase your CTR
  • Controls budget from getting wasted on unwanted clicks or visits.

Learn more about Negative Keyword Match Types


Here are the 5 common mistakes you should avoid making with Negative Keyword


No Negative Keywords – Surprisingly, many accounts function without negative keywords. Depleting budget and unwanted clicks trouble such accounts especially if broad match keyword is being used. Adding negative keywords to your account will help reduce wasted ad spend. It is thus recommended to review the search terms driving traffic to ascertain which of them are genuine ones and which ones are not.


Missing Negative Keyword List – Negative Keyword Lists reduces the time spent on assigning common negative keywords to multiple campaigns or ad group. So, if your account doesn’t have a negative keyword list and there are negative keywords that you can categorize , then you must get started with creating your list.


Not Expanding your Negative Keywords – If you thought adding negative keywords once would be sufficient, then you haven’t interpreted the importance of regularly scrutinizing your search terms. As your ads start serving, your audience reach increases and your search query data also quadruples. Thus, reviewing the terms often becomes all the more important in order to find prospect keywords and negative keywords. Here is a helpful guide to help expand your negative keywords.


Thinking Negative Match Type Keywords Work Similar to Bidded Keywords – Negative Keyword match types work differently. Unlike how the match type functions for the bidded keywords ,where close variants are also considered, negative keywords do not consider close variants. 

So, in the case of keyword such as red shoes your ad will not show for red shoes for toddlers, but will show for search query red shoe. So, if you want to block any related terms you have to add that as a negative keyword too.


Adding Bidded Keyword as Negative Keyword – If you are handling an account with multiple campaigns you might skip noticing that a negative keyword you added is conflicting with a bidded keyword. What it means is, your negative keyword is blocking an ad from showing for a keyword you are bidding on. So, double check your negative keywords to check if they are stopping your bidded keyword from functioning.


Using Only Exact Match For Your Negative Keyword – Fearing that you may end up blocking relevant search queries, you might find it convenient to assign exact match type to your negative keyword. However, this is a very tedious task and may need more micro-management as exact match type keyword will only cater to the exact query. So if you wish to block more number search queries with one negative keyword, make sure to assign the right match type to it.


Adding Negative Keywords Only At Ad Group Level– Negative Keywords can be added at campaign level (gets applied to all ad groups in the campaign), ad group level (gets applied to all the ads in the selected ad group), account level (assigning it to multiple campaigns with the hep of Negative Keyword List).

Restricting it to one level depends on the type of negative keyword it is. If it is a common term across multiple campaigns, it is better to use it as part of your negative keyword list. However, if your negative keyword only applies to an ad group and not anywhere else then do so. You just need to cross-check that you do not end up creating replicas of your negative keyword across your account.


Note: Identifying negative keywords for large accounts or multiple client accounts can be tedious if done manually. An automated negative keywords discovery tool can save tons of time and effort for the PPC Manager. Not to mention, this will also save the wasted ad spend on AdWords. Give our negative keywords tool a try. Now, this tool is Free for accounts with ad spend less than $10,000 per month. Save 10-20% of your search ad spend for free.


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