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Negative Keywords Lists reduces the effort of individually assigning keywords to multiple campaigns. Not only do you get to save time but you can also manage your account more efficiently as a result. The vicious web of campaign negatives is solved with lists that can be easily created if you have categorized your negative keywords properly. If you are not sure of what categories need to be created, you can refer our post on “9 Types Of Negative Keywords Lists Your AdWords Account Should Have

(Update as on 17th October 2019: This post has been updated with the latest screenshots as per the new Google Ads interface.)


Moving on, in this post, we will take you through the steps to create a negative list.


Step 1: 

Log in to your AdWords account. Click on the Campaigns tab, Go to Tools & Settings. Under Shared Library, Click on the Negative Keyword List.


Step 2:

Click on (+) sign to create a new Negative Keywords List




Step 3:

You will see the following empty fields


Give your Negative Keywords List a name and add negative keywords in the “Keywords” field. You can assign match types to the keywords like this: Keyword 1 (broad), “Keyword 2” (phrase), [Keyword 3] (exact). Once you have added all your desired negative keywords to the list, save the list.





Step 5:

You will see that your Negative Keywords List has been created. Click on “Apply to campaigns” to assign the negative list to the campaigns you intend to.




Step 6:

Select the campaigns to which you want to assign your newly created Negative Keywords List. Save the selection.





Step 7:

You can see that the Negative Keywords List has been successfully applied to the selected campaigns.




How to add more negative keywords to your negative keywords list


If you want to add more negative keywords to an existing negative keywords list, you can follow the following quick steps to do so:


Step 1:

Go to campaign, negative keywords and select your negative keyword list




Step 2:

Click on (+) sign to add more negative keywords



Step 3:

On the following page, add the new negative keywords. Once added, save the keywords to the list.



Step 4:

You can see that the newly added keywords have been successfully added to the list and vis-a-vis to the campaign.



Here’s a helpful post on how you can expand your negative keywords list.

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