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One strategy to improve the performance of your Google ads campaign is to create a Negative Keywords List. It simplifies the process of applying common negative keywords to several campaigns. You can quickly compile a list of campaign-specific keywords and assign them with a single click.

To build a negative keywords list, you can check the search term report. This report will help to figure out the words for which you do not wish your ads to be triggered.

You have the choice of assigning the list to a single campaign or many campaigns. You can also organize these words by topics that are related to your services and products. Despite the fact that Google Ads has a limit of 5000 keywords per list and 20 lists per account, the figures are more than enough. You can occasionally add negative keywords to a list so it can be more manageable and totally in your control.

How to Create Negative Keyword List

Step 1:

Log in to your Google ads account. Go to Tools & Settings. Under Shared Library, Click on the Negative Keyword List.

Negative Keyword list in google ads

Step 2:

Click on the ‘+’ sign to create a new negative keyword list

Create Negative keyword list in google ads

Step 3:

Save the list by adding the details of the negative keyword list in the available fields. You can assign match types to the keywords like this: “Negative” (phrase), [Negative 1] (exact) & Negative 2 (broad).

Negative keywords been added in the list

Step 4:

You can see the saved negative keyword list.

Negative keyword list has been created in google ads

The next step is to allocate this list to the campaigns that you want to run.

How to Apply a Shared Negative Keyword List to Campaigns

To assign the list to multiple campaigns, select the Negative keyword list and click on “Apply to Campaigns

Apply negative keyword list to multiple campaigns in google ads

Select the campaigns and click on Apply to assign the negative keyword list.

Select campaigns to assign the negative keyword list in google ads

You can see the successfully deployed Negative Keyword List to the chosen campaigns.

Negative keyword list has been added to the campaigns

If you wish to add more negative keywords to the list, select the created list, click on the “+” sign, add more keywords as per your requirements and save it. These new keywords will automatically get applied to the associated campaigns.

Add more negative keywords in the list

Now that you’ve finished creating your Negative Keyword List, here’s how to expand it.

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