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Missed out on the important announcements & updates from major PPC platforms? Here is a quick recap of what was trending in the month of July. We hope you will find some helpful insights in this month’s roundup.

New features to help you customize and improve your Performance Max campaigns: Google has announced new features in Performance Max to deliver better ROI. These features include Optimization Score, Seasonality Adjustments, Advance location targeting controls, etc.

Give every video ad a voice-over with new text-to-speech feature in Google Ads: Audio is an advertiser’s superpower for attracting attention and encouraging action in YouTube advertising. Google Ads just released a new option that enables you to use Google’s text-to-speech technology to add a voice-over to your YouTube video ads.

Amazon Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti | Q2 2022 | Key Highlights: Tinuiti has recently released its Amazon Ads Benchmark report for Q2, 2022 which helps to understand CPC growth in Sponsored Brand and Sponsored products. We have penned down some of the key points in this post.

Walmart search ad share tinuti report

Reminder: Upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max: Using the “one-click” upgrade tool advertisers can upgrade their Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max. To allow them time to upgrade before automated upgrades could start, advertisers utilizing Smart Shopping campaigns will have early access to the self-upgrade tool for, on average, two months.

Cash back promotions and other updates for July: Microsoft Advertising is back with another edition of their monthly product roundup. These updates include automatic cash back promotions, an Auto-generated remarketing list, new automatic updates for Shopping Campaigns, etc.

Google Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti | Q2 2022 | Key Highlights: Tinuiti recently presented the Google Ads Benchmark Report for Q2 2022. We have outlined some of the major findings of the study in this post.

Google US paid search CPC growth

Google will automatically switch some advertisers’ attribution models: Some advertisers will see their ad account automatically switched to a data-driven attribution model. Google will let advertisers know which ad account is eligible for the switch and give them time until 24th August to cancel the auto switch.

Modeled conversions now reported for Amazon DSP campaigns: In order to provide a more comprehensive view of campaign results, Amazon DSP now employs modelling to account for conversions that are attributable to your campaign. Advertisers are able to maintain efficient bids and budgets by continuing to analyse the whole impact of their advertising spend across addressable and non-addressable audiences.

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