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Missed out on top PPC posts published in the month of February? Here’s a quick recap of what was trending. Google announced the removal of average position,more characters added to call-only-ads, bulk ad creation and editing announced for Quora Ads. This and more of such updates covered in this month’s recap of top PPC news.


Prepare for average position to sunset – Google is all set to remove average position. Instead, the new metrics can help get a clearer picture of your ad’s performance in the search results page . Learn more in this article


Introducing three new features for responsive display ads – Video assets, combinations report and ad strength scorecard was announced for responsive display ads. So, get started with it and reap the many benefits.


Announcing Bulk Ad Creation and Editing – Save time and seamlessly create and edit your ads in bulk with the new ‘Bulk Ad’ feature launched by Quora. Get more insight in this article.


3 ways to lower your Amazon advertising ACoS  Trevor George shares some useful tips to help lower ACoS and make campaigns on Amazon’s platform more profitable. One of them being adding negative keywords.


Say more in your call-only ads with added lines of text – With this announcement Google has added 2 headlines of 30 character each and increased the description length from 80 characters to 90 characters in Call-only ads.


[AdWords Script] Compare Performance of ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) 3 Headlines vs 2 Headlines – With this AdWords script you can get a cumulative report that compares performance of 3 headline ETAs vs 2 headline ETAs, while also finding out ad groups with missing 3 headline ETAs.



More ways to drive results with TrueView for action – This month the smart bidding option, Maximize Conversions will become globally available to advertisers using “TrueView for Action Campaign”.


App campaigns make their landing: introducing a simpler name for Google’s app ad solution – Universal App campaigns help connect your app with more of these app-happy consumers. With this announcement Google updated the name of Universal App Campaigns to simply ‘App Campaigns’.


Click share coming to Search campaigns – Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received . Announcement from Google will give you more information on click share.


Improvements to your search term reporting – Learn about the improvements made to the search terms management and how they can help advertisers get more in-depth insight.


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