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Welcome happy readers! Here is an another round of top PPC news to help keep you updated with latest announcements & updates across the PPC industry. We hope you will find some helpful insights in this month’s roundup.

Piloting a new ‘strikes’ system to address repeat ad policy violations – Google Ad policies are made to prevent unsafe & harmful ads from showing on their platforms. A new pilot will be introduced from September 2021 to check for repeat ad policy violations. The system will work as below:

Google ad system to prevent ad policy violation

Updates to how Smart Bidding strategies are organized – In the coming weeks, advertisers will not have options to use the old Target CPA & Target ROAS bid strategies for standard campaigns. They need to use the updated bid strategies by setting optional targets.

Updated Google ads bid strategies

Making it easier to get your best deals on Google and find timely merchandising insights during seasonal shopping moments – When we shop during seasonal holidays, we always look for the best value for every penny we spend. To help advertisers drive more sales during these moments, Google is making it easier for marketers to showcase their promotions across more surfaces and customize their seasonal promotions to make them better.

Video Extensions: Stand out with eye-catching video ads – Microsoft Advertising has announced a new addition to their ad extension family which is “video extension”. With this new extension, advertisers have the flexibility to combine videos with other ad extensions.

Video ad extension Microsoft advertising

Let your brand shine with Multimedia Ads – As the value of search advertising has grown over the years, some of the questions come to our mind such as how can our brand stand out and communicate our value? how do we amplify product discovery, inspire action, and build loyalty? The answer to all these questions is Multimedia Ads. They are the new responsive ad format that is allowing us to showcase our brand and products with a rich ad format.

Google Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti | Q2 2021 | Key Highlights – Tinuiti’s Google Ads Benchmark report gives insight across paid search, Shopping, YouTube, and Discovery. We have penned down some of the key findings from its Q2 2021 report.

Google paid search device click share

Plan for business growth with Display & Video 360 – Google is planning to publish series of articles about Display & Video 360. These articles will help to understand upcoming capabilities to support business recovery and growth. This includes new TV and audio reach forecasting tools and new frequency metrics. These will help to quickly understand where our audience is and how to reach them in the most effective way.

How Retailers Can Capture Pent-up Demand as the Pandemic Recedes – There are predictions that US retail sales will grow between 10.5% and 13.5% in 2021. But as the holiday season is approaching faster than ever, retailers should adjust to changing consumer behavior. Let’s explore a few key factors motivating spending today and the opportunities they present for brands in this blog post.

International Google Ads Advertising: Expect the Unexpected – Extending your Google ads marketing to the international audience sounds very simple but it can bring many challenges like you may need to adjust your messaging for local nuances, etc. Pauline Jakober helps to understand those challenges in this informative blog post.

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