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Missed out on top PPC posts published in the month of November? Here’s a quick recap of what was trending. Bing Ads introduced an additional headline and description to their Expanded Text Ads, Google introduced new ad position metrics, Quora Ads launched new CPM bidding option for their advertisers and more news covered in this month’s recap of Top PPC News.


Introducing four new search ad position metrics – Google rolled out new metrics to help advertisers get clearer insight on where their ads are getting displayed on the search results page. Of the four metrics announced, advertises can now view the Impr (Abs. Top)% and Impr (Top)% in their account. The remaining ones being Search (Absolute Top) Impr Share and Search (Top) Impr Share.



Use Target Impression Share to increase brand awareness – If you wish to ensure that your ads are meeting a certain impression threshold then the new Target Impression Share bidding strategy helps attain the same.


Use Video ad sequencing to tell stories across screens and ad formats – With Video Ad Sequencing advertisers can narrate their story that unfolds over time. With this update Google announced the availability of this tool globally.


Help improve ad engagement with updates to Expanded Text Ads – This is the official announcement by Bing Ads on the Expanded Text Ads change that now offers an additional headline and description.

New Bing Ads Expanded Text Ads


Introducing Amazon Sponsored Products New Product Targeting Features – Tara Johnson discusses about Product Targeting which allows advertisers to target customers by product, its benefits and other details that you would wish to know before using this feature.


Paid search trends to watch for the 2018 holiday shopping season – Know the paid search trends that must be considered by advertisers during the holiday sopping season. Andy Taylor explores this and also shares why they are important.


Ad pod testing coming to YouTube – Google will be testing a new solution called ad pod testing, where two ads will be stacked together for fewer interruptions later, while a user is viewing a video. All this is being tested to ensure a less interrupted viewing session for viewers while still ensuring a higher rate of ad viewing.

ad pod testing in youtube


Early Numbers Show Little Movement in Close Variant Share of Google Exact Match Traffic – Andy Taylor shares how the traffic has been impacted post the announcement of Exact Match change that let it get matched to queries with same intent as the keyword.


CPM Bidding now available on the Quora Ads platform – Quora Ads launched CPM bidding to help advertisers who wish to build awareness about their brand. With this launch advertisers now have three bidding options to choose from.


Stay ahead of the pack with the Competition tab – Bing Ads has made its new Competition Tab available globally. This tab gives you all the insights about your competitors and helps make strategic decisions accordingly.


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