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Welcome Happy Readers! As the holiday season is around the corner, PPCers shared their holiday wish list with regard to all the major PPC platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter etc. Here is the screencap of this week’s PPCChat discussion which was led by Julie F Bacchini.

Q1: What is your holiday wish for Google Ads?

Where to start… I wish that there were better options to serve accounts with low conversion levels and long cycle conversions. Better reporting for RSAs. A query/keyword match feedback tool to report bad matches & teach the machines.  @NeptuneMoon

I have 2 actually that have hurt over the past few months. 1) I would like a negative list (we can manage) for PMax campaigns. If we have to do a workaround, that means it won’t be available sometime in the future. 2) Increase the allowed asset numbers. @lchasse

All I want from Google is less volatility and dedicated stuff for B2B. @BorisBeceric

More transparency! Bring back our hidden search terms! Bring back classic exact match, or add an “enhanced exact” match type so we can have more control! @beyondthepaid

My wish for Google Ads is better support. I’m tired of going into meetings with our reps & getting nothing out of it (other than saying no to unhelpful suggestions/sales pitches). Constantly changing reps every quarter & re-explaining things to them is a pain too. @adclarke10

A time machine option. I can go back 3 years: have my keywords match to the right queries, be able to see the queries, have support that actually helps me. But if we are talking realistic – a delay in GA4 until they get the UX improved. @selley2134

So many… – Better budget management – More clarity into RSA asset performance – Improved search term reporting – More useful interactions with Google Ads reps I could probably keep going but those are the big ones off the top of my head. @alexnicoll93

STOP MATCHING COMPETITORS NAMES TO BRAND TERMS FOR MY CLIENTS. If your main selling point on fuzzying up of matching was “let the machines find the best converting terms” I guarantee a competitor ain’t that. Sincerely, Anyone who has run competitor campaigns. @NeptuneMoon

I wish that more PMs would talk with advertisers in agencies as much as they talk with business owners. @duanebrown

My holiday wish is that all of our clients make a lot of money with Google Ads and they end the year with warm and fuzzy feelings in their hearts for their PPC agency. @gilgildner

I was about to answer Q2 but had to add this for G Ads… Give us real support options. I don’t need the recommendations read to me or a support document. If I’m reaching out, I need actual assistance. Rein in your aggressive reps too. @NeptuneMoon

I would like to learn how we can use Google Ads in a more cohesive way with other channels. With more competition, high CPC, less human control, it would be harder to figure out the recipe but will be looking forward to the AI and Google Ads combo. @1tagupta

Continue to improve accountability—I’ve noticed an increase in ownership from Google reps as of late, whether it is related to recommendations going wrong or producing deliverables on time. @rory_mg

Some damn transparency on Pmax, returning control to the advertiser, real match types, and stop trying to push Adwords Express under it’s new name of Pmax. @JonKagan

Q2: What is your holiday wish for Microsoft Ads?

Don’t force us into the Audience Network. That is a terrible move. @beyondthepaid

Wish for Microsoft Ads: Stop copying Google and create a platform that actually competes. Many of us would invest more. @ppc_cindy

Scale volume and usage of video extensions, and let me run ads via Xbox. @JonKagan

I wish Microsoft would finally get the nerve to get out of Google’s shadow. Google is upsetting a lot of advertisers/smbs with their changes & instead of welcoming those people to a better platform they just implement worse versions of G’s changes. @selley2134

Get the LinkedIn data integrated already. I could sell the hell out of advertising on Microsoft Ads if it was a combo of Bing and LinkedIn. @NeptuneMoon

Easy one, connect LinkedIn to Microsoft Advertising today, please, no really please, just do it! Also maybe stop adopting all Google’s shady practices and be the better platform for brands. @lchasse

Microsoft needs to focus on shopping ads and its untapped growth potential. @duanebrown

Seen this mentioned already but expanding their use of LinkedIn audiences would be awesome. Also not automatically opting Search campaigns into the Audience Network & being able to lower bids for Multimedia Ads (which are auto-set to +40%…) @adclarke10

Hadn’t been active on Microsoft Ads but I see everyone talking about Shopping Ads, stopping to copy Google, LinkedIn integration and more. I will look more into it. @1tagupta

Q3: What is your holiday wish for Facebook Ads?

Completely new business manager. I have zero idea who designed business manager/ads manager, etc. But they clearly never had to use it. @selley2134

I’m not doing a ton of Facebook Ads right now, but two glaring issues: 1. Complete lack of support for vast majority of advertisers – ridiculous. 2. If your accounts get hacked, you’re screwed. No way to get help and certainly not in timely manner. @NeptuneMoon

Stop having an absolutely terrible UI, bring back offline editor. @JonKagan

Nothing for Facebook as I just wish the social side of the platform would die. @duanebrown

I love FB ads and how they perform for my clients. The biggest issue(s) I have with FB ads is their user interface is cobbled together with duct tape and 0 usabilities in mind. The other (not sure it is even possible), but their support is much worse than Google’s. @lchasse

We don’t do Facebook Ads anymore. At all. I’m so glad I don’t have to think about that at all. What a dumpster fire. @gilgildner

There’s a lot lol, but an offline editor / easier way to make bulk changes would be the number 1 wish. @adclarke10

For got sake stop disabling business managers for no reason or while scaling to big numbers. Their platform collapses but multiple locations. @1tagupta

It also drives me crazy that if you edit something, this navigation will reset back to the top after making a change. So if you’re editing ads at the bottom, you have to scroll back down to edit the next one. Pretty specific/minor thing lol but always slows me down. @adclarke10

Facebook as an advertising platform uses the maximum number of third-party proxy accounts. There is going to be a huge data theft/loss due to the entry of third party in the picture as they give advertisers very little access to data. @1tagupta

Q4: What is your holiday wish for LinkedIn Ads?

I wish I could just straight up duplicate an ad and it would make a totally new ad and not keep it associated with the ad I duplicated. I duplicate cause I want to use it as a basis and make edits and have it have its own clean data stream.  @NeptuneMoon

Lower your CPCs bro, please! @gilgildner

Build a better LinkedIn ad manager. Seeing upgrades but still feels clunky. @duanebrown

Easier ability to edit and duplicate. Having to create a new lead form every time you want to add a field to it gets tiresome. @selley2134

What pretty much everyone is saying a better ad tool for editing, duplicating, creating. Also yeah, lower CPCs would be nice. @lchasse

To accept you are B2B only @JonKagan

The platform can be pretty clunky to work in, so a better interface would be nice. @adclarke10

Q5: What is your holiday wish for Twitter Ads?

My holiday wish for Twitter is that it stabilizes and becomes a place where brands want to spend $$. After that, better targeting options would be super. The targeting options are so odd. @NeptuneMoon

I’d rather not get my account suspended but let’s just say better targeting options and less volatility. @selley2134

I am secretly loving Twitter Ads right now. The engagement has been so high. We don’t do any paid social for clients, but I always try to test on our own accounts, & I have high hopes. Just don’t die, Twitter! @gilgildner

Stop pretending you’re brand safe. @JonKagan

Q6: What are your holiday wishes for other ad platforms – TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, etc.?

Keep developing and look at what works for platforms and what is not. Support your advertisers and the brands they represent. Give us alternatives to the big 2-3 platforms out there. I am excited by Hulu/Disney, Spotify and others. @lchasse

May TikTok be banned, may Snapchat fade into obscurity, may Pinterest finally find what it’s looking for, may Quora fix its bot problem, and may Reddit Ads continue to be a secret weapon in my bat-cave arsenal. @gilgildner

Snapchat to accept their reality, the rest need volume. @JonKagan

I would like some platforms to gain more market share so there are actual, viable alternatives to the big 2 – Google and Facebook. And for brand safety to just be baked in and not a constant battle of vigilance. @NeptuneMoon

Here I would say, I will explore opportunities to stop relying solely on Google and Facebook. I am looking into Native as well and Outbrain, Taboola, Zemantha, Gemini, etc would be some of the names. @1tagupta

Q7: What is your holiday wish for the PPC industry?

I wish that the Apple Search Engine will become a real thing and then Apple Search Ads will become a more real thing. @gilgildner

A set uniform standards all pros should meet to weed out the hacks and scammers. @JonKagan

I wish that more people shared information that was helpful and in context rather than all the “just do this” or “look how I’m killing it” content. @NeptuneMoon

I wish at some point Platforms will actually listen to the industry as a whole – Make meaningful changes to their platforms that help advertisers & most of all bring back support (seemed like the most consistent response today). @selley2134

To still exist in the coming years. I know #PPC would not completely disappear but will certainly evolve. I would like it to be in the favour of advertisers. @1tagupta

@gilgildner already mentioned it, but Apple search. It will be a real competitor to Google right out of the gate and will change the game. All those phones and computers that Apple has in the market. @lchasse

That people stop giving away free work like account reviews and audits. Everyone raises their rates. There is a reason why the consultants don’t work for free.  @duanebrown

For people across marketing teams to see others as potential collaborators & not opponents. @beyondcontent

Q8: What is your holiday wish for the PPC Chat community?

I wish you all happiness, joy, peace and good health this holiday season. And for those for whom this time of year is difficult – I see you and you are in my heart. @NeptuneMoon

More people join in throughout the year and see how amazing it is.  @duanebrown

I wish low CPC, high CTR, and several mugs of mulled wine for everyone this Christmas. @gilgildner

As you get older, you really appreciate a healthy body. My wife is for folks to be healthy and happy. This way they can join in on the weekly discussions where we all try and help each other grow, whether that is being a freelancer or building a big agency. @lchasse

Be awesome guys! You all are amazing. I wish that all of your get what you are trying to achieve, may it be happiness, love, family, friends, wealth, skills, life or whatever. @1tagupta

Wishing all of #ppcchat a wonderful holiday with great ROAS. @beyondthepaid

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