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Greetings Readers! Here is a recap of this week’s PPCChat session. The session was hosted by Julie F Bacchini who discussed the topic “What We Are Thankful for in PPC” today.

Q1: While we do our fair share of complaining and venting, we are not all negative! What are you thankful for in PPC in general?

I’m thankful for Google Ads Editor and the Microsoft Ads Editor They help me do things so much faster. And Excel. @robert_brady

I’m thankful for audience targeting in PPC. And attribution modeling. I’m also thankful for this #PPCChat group which goes without saying! @BrookeOsmundson

That his geeky little thing I found allows me to pay the bills, work on my own terms and have fun along the way. It’s constantly evolving so never gets boring. @BorisBeceric

I am very thankful that I have a profession where I can work from my home office and support brands all around the globe with their marketing efforts. Google, Microsoft and others provide great the ecosystem that gives us our employment. @lchasse

Hey gang! A job! I feel like PPC can tick all boxes – creative? It’s for you! Analytical? You too! I genuinely think the industry is so broad so it really does capture all types of people. @PPC_Fraser

Thankful for this community certainly. PPC as a concept gave me a shot at a career I never even imagined. It wasn’t the only factor of course, but it was a game changer for me at a crucial time. @JuliaVyse

I’m thankful for all my friends here on #ppcchat who understand my rantiing and can commiserate/support. We all work pretty hard and do hard things. @robert_brady

I am thankful for the generosity and kindness of the people in our industry. And of course, this community specifically! It is truly an honor to manage. Also having flexibility to move in different directions within PPC. @NeptuneMoon

All the things that make the job easier and faster: Scripts, G Sheets, Editors. Without them, I’d be buried in work, always. @KurtHenninger

I got a job, can travel the world and clients are mostly chill. Even got asked to speak at a conference next summer. Already thinking about summer vacation travel next year. @duanebrown

I’m thankful for a 20-year career in an industry that’s never boring. Also thankful for all my #ppcchat friends! So many of you have become friends IRL and I love that. @beyondthepaid

From living at home with my parents, to moving into an apartment then to a house with my fiancé and 2 dogs where I can work from home (or anywhere). PPC has taken me places a lot quicker than I thought I’d go. It’s been an awesome journey. @dylanppc

I’m grateful it’s an industry that still exists that allows me to earn a very good living in multiple ways. I can have a 9-5 + a lucrative side hustle because of #PPC. I think it’s a fantastically unique space for all types of people & talent types. @TheMarketingAnu

That the industry is recognizing that paid search and paid social skillsets are similar enough to be considered interchangeable. @JonKagan

Also being in this industry has cured a lot of my imposter syndrome. where I thought my talent wasn’t worth having because well…If I can do it.., I have found people being wowed by it and rewarding my generously for sharing my talent. So grateful for that! @TheMarketingAnu

Absolutely thankful for the community. Also, thankful that instead of being niche within marketing digital is becoming seen more and more as just a part of normal marketing. @MichealGumbert

I’m thankful for this community, which has been nothing but welcoming & supportive. I’m also thankful to be in an industry that challenges us to constantly learn & improve; our job is never boring! And on a more tactical note, I’m thankful for negative keywords. @adclarke10

If it wasn’t for PPC I feel like I wouldn’t have as much purpose. I eat sleep and breathe it so without it there would be a void I’d feel like needs filling. It’s also my source of income. So for that I am so thankful PPC exist. @BrettBodofsky

Grateful for an amazing career in PPC. It’s always a roller coaster, and I love the learning and re-learning processes. @sonofgorkhali

Q2: What within or about any of the platforms are you thankful for?

I appreciate the vocational-focused targeting of LinkedIn for my B2B accounts. @robert_brady

I’m super grateful for the Conversion Path reports in Analytics. It’s helped me more times than I can count when trying to prove the value of awareness efforts. @BrookeOsmundson

I will add to the thankfulness about offline editor capabilities in Google & Microsoft Ads. Thankful for how smaller platforms work hard to support advertisers. Thankful for the great industry sites that keep us all up to date in PPC! @NeptuneMoon

I’m thankful that the platforms haven’t tried to completely phase out account managers yet. Rather they are still relying on us to provide certain inputs. @BrettBodofsky

I think there’s something in just about every platform! I HEART Linkedin targeting so hard. I love the integration in Google – so easy to do so many things in one place. and offline editors. I heart ALL offline editors. @JuliaVyse

After all these years I still have to profess my love for Editor – both Google and Bing. Offline editing FTW. @beyondthepaid

Thankful that *usually* we have ways of showing the value of our work to clients. Pretty good place to be in, especially in a tougher economy. @BorisBeceric

Now is when it gets quiet…. lol Just kidding. I am actually grateful that we have more options available to us now than ever before. It is not just Google/Microsoft. We can advertise in Spotify, TikTok, Twitch, LinkedIn, so many places now. @lchasse

I’m actually thankful for the constant change w/ G Ads. Keeps my mind fresh, challenged & constantly learning I’ve worked in different industries which are very stale and difficult to grow in. @KurtHenninger

They do keep our job interesting! And they fire a passion in me that I didn’t think I’d have for what could easily be a mundane office job. yes – i wish there weren’t so many things to complain abt. but – I think i’d be bored if there was nothing to complain abt. @TheMarketingAnu

Offline editor tools (may we never go back) and reps with a good sense of humor and some thick skin to deal with my crap. @JonKagan

Despite the reduction of insights over time, GAds is still a data-rich environment with lots to study and share with clients and peers. @mikeryanretail

I’m grateful for the creative hub in Meta. It’s a fantastic tool for connectivity between creative/client/media. @JuliaVyse

On Search/Display, I’m grateful for negative keywords & placement exclusions. Also love the offline Editors & Microsoft’s ability to import from Google. Platform support is usually pretty bad, but LinkedIn’s has actually been really helpful & we appreciate that too. @adclarke10

Also thankful for Lead Gen Forms on FB and LI. They work well and have tended to be easier to track. @robert_brady

Let’s be real… I am absolutely thankful for any platform that lets me see data and act on it. @NeptuneMoon

Google and paid search has not yet made it hard to track conversion like paid social is right now. I will learn GA4 and that pain will pass. @duanebrown

Grateful for the retargeting from takeover you can do on TT (not available on YT mastheads). Very grateful for the amount of cool stuff you can do across platforms! we have so many options that our broadcast forebears just didn’t have. @JuliaVyse

I’m thankful for the abundance of Google documentation there is that if you stare at long enough it helps you understand the updates and changes they make. Also for the amount of client-specific information that I can deep-dive in for hours to keep me busy. @dylanppc

I’m thankful that Microsoft Ads doesn’t seem to follow Google quite as closely in taking away levers for non-automated management or data. Mainly not taking away data. @MichealGumbert

I am grateful for the amount of data we can access to make much more informed decisions. Every dollar spent is about learning. @sonofgorkhali

Q3: What are you thankful for with regard to the clients or stakeholders you work with?

I’m grateful for clients that acknowledge I’m a human too and we all have difficulties; and then give some grace. @robert_brady

Time to get mushy. I work with some of the best people in the industry. Folks who expect excellence, kindness, and collaboration. Truly some of the most thoughtful, appreciative, intelligent folks out there. @JuliaVyse

I am thankful for clients who demand a lot out of us and keep us on our toes! Also for the clients who view us as partners. One client told me that “Merkle makes us smarter.” Huge compliment. @beyondthepaid

I am thankful to work with clients who appreciate my skills and expertise. And who trust me to create, guide and implement PPC strategy. And to have the privilege to work with only decent human beings! Those who actually care about the answer to “how are you?”. @NeptuneMoon

Super thankful that my clients trust me and have had long standing relations with me. Also thankful that they all are amazing humans and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. @BorisBeceric

I actually have a lot of love for my clients. All of them are really smart and challenge me to do the best I can for their brands. I really cannot begin to say how lucky I am to work with such smart, kind and amazing folks. @lchasse

I will never not be thankful for the insane amount of trust my internal partners place in me or their willingness to go all in when we see something working. @MichealGumbert

I’m grateful that they trust us to do our job, and well. They ask solid questions and collaborate, but at the end of the day – they trust us with their marketing dollars. I cannot emphasize the trust factor enough. @BrookeOsmundson

In terms of stakeholders, I definitely have a very understanding one. They respect when we have a thin team and when answers can’t be as straightforward, especially with all the new updates. @TheMarketingAnu

It’s taken a long time to get here, but I’m really thankful for the group of clients I work with. Some amazing brands, selling things I’d actually buy with personas I consider close to myself. Clients where making improvements really matters to their business. @dylanppc

Feels good being able to help businesses of different sizes and having them appreciate what we do or have done for them. @dylanppc

Without naming names (in order to keep my job), I work some of the most amazing brands and people, that actually make my work enjoyable (they also help offset some of the worst clients I’ve ever seen). @JonKagan

I am thankful for a wickedly brilliant team that I work with and stakeholders that understand that “we (digital marketers) are the cowboys of the wild west (internet). @sonofgorkhali

Echoing what a lot of others have already said – I’m very thankful that clients trust our team, challenge us to be better, and are generally appreciative/understanding of all the work that goes into a successful PPC strategy. @adclarke10

Clients stuck with us when things got hot and heavy out there in the streets. I never worked as hard as I did during the pandemic …. I burnt candles at both ends in my 20s. @duanebrown

Grateful for clients that see that the efforts we do are a partnership. (if we generate leads they have to sell/nurture). And understand the ppc isn’t a magic bullet, but something that gives you a shot at success. @chrisdoesppc

Their willingness to have an eye-level relationship where we’re not order takers but partners-in-crime. @mikeryanretail

Q4: What PPC resources are you thankful for?

Well, #ppcchat for starters! Also @PaidSearchOrg and the various conferences. @beyondthepaid

Support docs. Most things can be answered with a solid search on the issue. @duanebrown

Again #PPCChat has to be on top of the list. Also grateful for all the blogs, newsletters and content creators that put so much knowledge out there. @BorisBeceric

A community is only as good as the leader. Our #PPCChat community is what it is because of @NeptuneMoon so thank you for everything you do for us. Other great resources I appreciate are @Optmyzr, @rustybrick & @MarketingOClock who help keep me in the know. @lchasse

The #PPCChat community. Sorry – is that cheating?? Plus, all the publications that keep me up to date in the paid search world – especially SEL, SEJ, and many more. @TheMarketingAnu

Regular consumer of content on: @sengineland@sejournal@socialmedia2day@MarketingOClock I have a Twitter List you all might like too:… @NeptuneMoon

Definitely, #ppcchat lots of the conferences out there. And all my ad meme accounts. They’re funny, and also sometimes precient! @JuliaVyse

I ran out of room. I do have to add @TheMarketingAnu because when I miss a #PPCChat I always listen to her podcast to catch up. @lchasse

I’m thankful for #PPCChat! I’ve learned so much from this community & it’s become a go-to resource. Also @sengineland , @sejournal , @PaidSearchOrg, and Google Ads’ long lists of documentation. @adclarke10

This is a tough one. Grateful for all the publications, tools, and Twitter and Slack communities. @sonofgorkhali

@sengineland Here’s lookin’ at you, babe. @mikeryanretail

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