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Welcome Happy Readers! As we have reached the end of Q3 2021, let’s dig in to find out important announcements & updates by major PPC platforms.

Google Ads

Smart Bidding For Better Optimization

 Updates to how Smart Bidding strategies are organized: While creating new bid strategies for search campaigns, now advertisers can use updated bid strategies that maximize conversions with a target CPA and maximize conversion value with target ROAS. This update will not have any impact on the bidding behavior.

Updates to Google ads Smart Bidding strategies

Better control over Smart Bidding with conversion value rules: Google ads have made campaign optimization & performance evaluation easier by letting advertisers adjust conversion values based on characteristics like location, device, and audience. By applying a rule to these characteristics, you can adjust conversion values to align more closely with your business outcomes.

Matching the most relevant keyword to every search: To help advertisers reach new and relevant searches while still meeting the performance goals, Google has recommended pairing broad match with smart bidding. Using this strategy, it becomes easier to find success & keyword matching becomes more predictable.

Updates To The YouTube Audio Ads, Display Ads & Search Ads

Attribution models now support YouTube and Display ads: The attribution model helps to optimize campaign performance across conversion journeys. Looking at the benefits the attribution model provides, Google has extended non-last click models to support YouTube and Display ads.

Google Ads Editor v1.7: Support for Hotel ads, YouTube audio ads and more: Release of Google ads editor v1.7 includes support for hotel ads, YouTube audio ads, lead form extension, easier download, and more. Editor v1.7 helps to reach new customers, makes it easier to work in your campaigns offline, and drives brand awareness.

Display campaigns made easy: Google is making it easy to connect with customers through their products. That’s the reason, they have introduced the flexibility of standard Display campaigns and the automation of Smart Display campaigns into a single Display campaign. 

Display campaign made easy

Making it easier to show the right message on Search: The way people search is constantly changing, automation helps to keep up with this change. RSAs are a great way to show how creativity with machine learning helps to show the relevant ads to people. Thinking in those lines, starting from June 2022, responsive search ads will be the only Search ad type that can be created or edited in standard Search campaigns.

The future of attribution is data-driven: Since the time search and display campaigns have been moved to data-driven attribution, advertisers have seen an increase in the overall performance. Now, data-driven attribution will be the default model for all new conversion actions starting in October. Data-driven attribution can help every advertiser to understand the full value of their Google Ads campaigns. 

Ad Policies To Maintain Privacy

Piloting a new ‘strikes’ system to address repeat ad policy violations: Google’s ad policies are there to prevent users from unsafe content. So, Google has introduced a new pilot program to test a three-strikes system for repeat ad policy violations.

Improving the search terms report while maintaining user privacy: Online privacy is something that most of us give priority to and Google also keeps working on privacy safe ways to run more effective campaigns. Last year, Google has updated the search term & Dynamic search ads search term report to show limited amount of data. From this month onwards, Google will show you more queries that meet their privacy standards in the search terms report.

Microsoft Advertising

Improve Your Brand Value To Grab Attention

Let your brand shine with Multimedia Ads: Multimedia Ads are a new responsive ad format that Microsoft Advertising now offering on Microsoft search pages that allows showcasing your brand and products with a rich ad format. With this new ad format, you can combine images, descriptions, and headlines to deliver the best attention-grabbing large visual ads.

Show your brand values: Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes: Most recently, Microsoft advertising has released a couple of features to understand the impacts of brand trust. They have introduced yet another unique feature called “Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes”. This feature allows you to differentiate your brand from your competitors by highlighting unique attributes. More insight in this blog post.

Features Which Boost Account Performance, Conversions & Connect With More Searches

Video Extensions: Stand out with eye-catching video ads:  Interactive video ads are one of the best ways to capture customers. New video extensions in Microsoft advertising has the flexibility to combine video with other ad extensions. It’s an amazing way to provide enriching content to those searching for your offerings.

Video extension in Microsoft advertising

Leverage Optimization Score to help guide your account management: With the availability of Optimization score, you can get to know how well your account is set to perform. Along with this, you can see the list of recommendations tailored for your account to help you optimize each campaign.

Optimization Score in Microsoft Advertising

Facebook Import made easy: Tips and tricks to get started today: If you wish to connect to the right audience, simple steps like importing your audiences into Microsoft Advertising expands your reach. Facebook Import is one of the features that help to scale your marketing efforts to reach your ideal audience.

Credit card ads: Showcase your offerings on Microsoft Advertising: With this unique Credit Card Ads feature, you can showcase all your credit card products and promotions and all with no keywords needed. Advertisers can think of achieving more conversions and cost-effective sales with this amazing feature.

Credit card feature in Microsoft advertising

Paid Social

Research-backed creative recommendations for in-stream ads: To drive better results on the Facebook platform, In-Stream ads with research-backed creative recommendations can do the magic. It can help advertisers achieve strong results with their campaigns.

Introducing Ads in the Instagram Shop Tab: In the month of August 2021, Instagram has launched ads in the  Instagram Shop tab globally. It helps people to find their desired brands and shop from them.

Navigating Change and Improving Performance and Measurement: Facebook is continuously working to help advertisers improve their business outcomes, reach more audiences, and deliver conversions with keeping consumer privacy in mind. Here, you can find what actions are taken by advertisers & Facebook to improve campaign performance.

From Karooya’s Team

Google Ads Benchmark Report by Tinuiti | Q2 2021 | Key Highlights: Tinuiti, a US-based digital marketing agency publishes Google Ads Benchmark Report every quarter. In this blog post, we have penned down some of the key highlights of the Q2 2021 report.

How Google Close Variants Are Impacting Overall Performance?: Since the time Google has made changes in the match type behavior, close variations have had a positive and negative influence on campaign performance. Here is a case study to measure how close variants have behaved in our PPC accounts.

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