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Here is the recap of top PPC posts which made headlines in the third quarter!  Announcement regarding Google Ads Editor v1.1, Release of the ‘Maximum Conversion Value’  for search campaigns, Announcement of audience targeting solutions in the open beta, Microsoft Advertising announces the availability of “Ad Customizers”, Announcement of product negative keyword conflicts report, Facebook’s announcement of moving budget to the campaign level, Pinterest’s new Mobile Ad tool and more.


Google Ads


Google Ads Editor v1.1: easier to use and loaded with new features – Announcement from Google regarding Google Ads Editor v1.1 which has new features like Image picker, Dark mode, and IP exclusion and it is a lot easier to use.

Google Ads Editor v1.1: easier to use and loaded with new features


Reach more of the right customers with phrase match and broad match modifiers – Broad Match and Phrase Match Modifiers keywords will begin matching to search queries that share the same meaning in the coming weeks. This will help advertisers increase clicks and conversion by 3-4%. Learn more here.

Announcing Broad and Phrase modifier

Gallery ads (beta) available in 11 languages globally – Google has announced the beta for Google Ads during its marketing live event. Now it is available in 11 different languages. Get more insight in this brief post.


New Smart Bidding strategy: Maximize conversion value – After giving a sneak preview of new Smart bidding during Google’s Marketing Live Event, they announced the release of the ‘Maximum Conversion Value’  for search campaigns, last week. Here is how you can get started with it.


Introducing seasonality adjustments for Smart Bidding – Though smart bidding strategies already take care of the seasonality to improve your campaign performance but rare situations like sales or new product launches, you need more control to increase visibility. Get insight here about Google’s seasonality adjustments for search and display campaigns to provide more control in rare situations.


Sunset of the Average Position Metric in AdWords and Google Ads APIs – Google will sunset its Average Position metrics on September 30, 2019. This brief post will shed light on the changes we can expect once the metric is gone.


Optimization score is now available in the Google Ads mobile app – Optimization score, which helps prioritize recommendations for campaigns to achieve desired results more efficiently, has extended its reach to the Google Ads mobile app. Learn more about this announcement here.


Get more from Recommendations with new features –  Google has introduced improved keyword recommendations, a new workflow, and bulk actions to prioritize impactful opportunities in an easier way to boost account performance.


Microsoft Advertising


Improve ad effectiveness with ad customizers – Microsoft Advertising announces the availability of “Ad Customizers” which will help in improving the ad quality by allowing to create different ad variations with just one ad copy. Learn more here.


Experiments: Test your campaign changes with confidence – Experiments is a duplicate version of your campaign which helps to examine your Microsoft Advertising campaign without wasting your time and budget. How to get started with it, learn here.


A powerful tool: the product negative keyword conflicts report – Announcement of product negative keyword conflicts report, especially for shopping campaigns advertisers. Learn more in this informative blog post.


Audience targeting solutions – While advertising, it is crucial to reach the right people in the right way when they are ready to make a purchase. Announcement of audience targeting solutions in the open beta will help you pinpoint the ideal customers. Steve Sirich explains the same in detail in this blog post.




LinkedIn Expands the Marketing Partner Program With New Engagement Insights – Sometimes it is difficult to identify audiences you should be targeting and the kinds of content they’re likely to engage with. In this post, learn about the announcement of a new category to the LinkedIn Partner Program – Audience Engagement.


Introducing a More Powerful Campaign Manager – A brief post by Amita Paul on LinkedIn’s announcement of 3 new objectives — brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants to Campaign Manager to improve key results.




Long story, short: 6-second video bidding is now available – With this update, Twitter advertisers can enjoy the benefits of transacting on a longer view with the 6-second video bid. It has been globally made available to advertisers. Here is how you can get started with this new format.




New: Testing Instagram Shopping posts as ads – To provide the best shopping experience, Instagram is testing the ability to run their existing shopping posts as ads in Ads Manager. Get more insight here.




Introducing Pinterest Ads on the Go – Pinterest is introducing Mobile Ad tool which will help advertisers to create and manage ad campaigns on a mobile device, at any time. Learn more in this article.


New ways to reach shoppers with Shop the Look ads, global Catalogs and dynamic business profiles – Pinterest’s announcement of the new features for businesses to reach people who want to go from dreaming to decision making, from inspiration to purchase.


Amazon Advertising


Introducing Sponsored Display – Amazon has launched a self-service advertising solution called “Sponsored Display” in beta to grow the business by reaching relevant audiences both on and off Amazon. Get more insight here.


3 new Sponsored Brands improvements – A summarised post to help us know regarding the top three releases by Amazon Advertising.




About campaign budget optimisation migration – Learn about Facebook’s announcement of moving budget to the campaign level starting in September 2019 to manage your budget more efficiently.


Now You Can See and Control the Data That Apps and Websites Share With Facebook – To give people more control and transparency on what data is being shared by apps and websites with Facebook, Off-Facebook activity was released to a limited audience the last week.

off facebook activity




Quora Integrates with the LiveRamp Platform – To enhance advertiser value from ads platform, Quora has announced the ability to use LiveRamp IdentityLink to onboard people-based audiences. Learn more here.


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