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In an insightful article on Search Engine Land,  Christi Olson writes about importance of search terms report in Bing Ads.

Within the keywords tab is the search terms report. It’s a great place to find potential negative keywords, or new potential keywords I should add to my account, either in the same or a new ad group.


She goes on to illustrate its importance with a real world example.


I worked on a local business account whose name included the word, “Level.” I quickly discovered in the search terms report a ton of unrelated gaming queries, such as “How do I beat level 10 in [insert game name here].”


Whoa! That’s a great save. A generic name in the brand name could be a source of irrelevant traffic to your account.


There are more tips on how to optimize your Bing Ads account quickly. (It’s applicable to Google AdWords as well.)  Read more tips in this article.


If you manage large account with thousands of search terms,  or you manage multiple accounts for clients, you should use Negative Keywords Tool for faster and better discovery of negative keywords. It works for Google AdWords as well as Bing Ads.


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