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We recap some of the helpful AdWords scripts released this year, that could help in automating some of the key tasks in your AdWords account.


AdWords Scripts


1. New Script: ETA Migration Checker

Martin Roettgerding, earlier this year, shared a script that helped advertisers keep a track of the ETA migration process. It further prepares a dashboard that lists down ad groups with active ETAs, contribution of ETAs and other potential problems to look into.


2. Facebook & Bing Ads Link Checker Script

While Google has a link checker of its own, to find broken URL’s of any other platform is quite a challenging task. This script simplifies the task by scanning through all your ad’s URL and notifies you via e-mail you if any broken URL is identified.


3. This script automates adding any AdWords data to a Google spreadsheet

With this AdWords script used along with the Apps script, advertisers can pull out data from their AdWords account and add it in a Google spreadsheet to create a custom report of their own. This script is created by Frederick Vallaeys.


4. Here’s a script to help manage bids by keyword match type.

Now check and monitor your tiered keyword bids with this AdWords script by Frederick Vallaeys. Get this script here to manage stacked bidding of different match types.


5. Limit AdWords Overdelivery to Any Amount You Want

Post Google’s announcement of allowing advertisers to spend twice the daily budget, here is a script released to help you control the overdelivery for your campaign and get the campaign’s daily budget and the accrued cost for the day. It further labels the campaign and pauses it if it exceeds the pverdelivery percentage.

Here is a similar script by Daniel Gilbert that helps check your campaign’s spend and budget every hour so that you can control it.


6. MCC Script for Split Testing/Ad Optimization

With this AdWords script, you can find the ads that needs optimization, analyzes them pausing the losing ads and tweaking the winning ad from the lot to make it compete with others.


7. AdWords Script to Find Poor Performing Ads

We at Karooya, had come up with an AdWords script that would help advertisers analyze the ads from their account to find the winning and poor performing ads. Get more details on how to use this script and why.


8. Automatically add AdWords Data to a Google Slide

Time and now, PPCers have to present the performance of their AdWords account. After enabling the Google Slides API, you can append the script mentioned in this post to add a new slide with AdWords data and performance metrics.


9. AdWords Script To Track Performance of AdWords Experiments

AdWords Experiments lets you configure and test changes that can be later applied to your original campaign. For a large account with multiple experiments, keeping a track of all experiments and their performance might be a tedious task. We have created a script to consolidate and track the performance of your experiments in your account.


10. Google Shopping & the Long Tail: An AdWords Script to Detect Your Budget Eaters

With this script advertisers can get an idea into the correlation between cost, conversions and long tail keywords from your account. It will help evaluate the existing data and evaluates it for you take any further action.


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