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In this revolving PPC industry, new features and updates help advertisers to reach new audiences, creating more personalized and interactive ad formats and more. In this month’s PPC roundup, we have penned down some important announcements and updates from major PPC platforms.

Unlock new relevant traffic on Performance Max with search themes:- A newly introduced beta feature, known as ‘search themes’ in Performance Max, offers a simple method to direct Performance Max towards placements you might not have reached previously.

Announcing New Features in Reminder Ads:-Reminder ads are getting new features that make them easier to create and show to more people. These features are:

  • Reminder ads can now be shown in Instagram Stories, which will increase their visibility and make them more efficient to create.
  • Reminder ads can also now be created directly in Ads Manager, instead of having to use an organic post.

Amazon Ads introduces AI-powered image generation to help brands produce richer creative:-Amazon is offering tools that streamline the process of creating images, making it a user-friendly way to assist advertisers in crafting more engaging and visually captivating ads.

Amazon Ads announces ad tech capabilities to drive improved advertiser outcomes:- Amazon Ads has launched a number of new features that help advertisers plan, run, and measure their campaigns more effectively. These features give advertisers more control over the audiences they reach and provide faster and more useful insights into ad performance.

Unleash the power of programmatic advertising with Microsoft audiences in Invest:- Through Microsoft’s demographic and in-market audience options within Invest, you can programmatically target deeply engaged Microsoft users, while having the flexibility to customize your approach to meet your specific business objectives. Nicole Schumacher, head of product marketing says:

The combination of Invest with Microsoft audiences is very exciting. Both because of the unique targeting opportunity that’s available today, and what it illustrates for the future of our programmatic solutions. We’re bringing the best of Microsoft’s assets and platforms together to create value for advertisers—and this is only the beginning.

Helping You Reach Your Marketing Goals With LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging:-LinkedIn paused the ability to create new Message Ads campaigns a month ago, but brought them back due to positive customer feedback. Message Ads resemble emails, have clear call-to-action buttons, and can collect high-quality leads at a low cost, making them effective for driving valuable traffic.

Demand more from social with AI-powered ads:- Users are 61% more inclined to research products and brands on YouTube or Google, and they are 67% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a YouTube ad. To help you engage with billions of users, the Demand Gen campaign will expand to all Google Ads customers worldwide, beginning on October 10, 2023.

Reels ads updates: new performance features, automated creative and suitability solutions:- Meta is developing methods to enhance the engagement of Reels ads for users and boost their effectiveness for advertisers. To achieve this, they have introduced new features such as Collection Ads, Carousel ads, swipe left functionality and more.

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