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Missed out on top PPC posts published in the month of November? Here’s a quick recap of what was trending. Learn about LinkedIn Audience Insights, scale your paid advertising strategies for the holiday season, AdWords launches innovative features for the holiday peak time  and more news covered in this month’s recap of Top PPC News.

1. Reach more shoppers this holiday season with new innovations from Merchant Center and AdWords

To help advertisers optimize their campaigns for this holiday season AdWords has launched new features in Merchant Center. Learn more about these features.


2. 7 tips to ramp up your holiday advertising

With holiday season round the corner, advertisers must be gearing up their advertising strategies. Mona Elesseily shares some of the tips to prepare yourself for this time and boost your campaign performance.

shopping campaigns adwords


3. How Much Do Google Minimum Bid Estimates Increase During the Holidays?

Andy Taylor looks into how the bid fluctuates during the holiday season, as advertisers aggressively utilize the paid search channel to drive results. Learn how paid search competition is bound to rise in the coming weeks.


4. Oh, no! AdWords can now spend double your budget. Or not…

The new AdWords update allows advertisers to spend twice their average daily budget. Daniel Gilbert shares a useful script to help you keep your budget under control.


5. Explore the improved Opportunities Tab for more campaign recommendations

Bing Ads is rolling out new improvements to the Opportunities tab that would show new set of recommendations namely sitelink and additional bid ad adjustment opportunities.

opportunities tab bing ads


6. PPC Functions and Tools We’re Grateful for in 2017

Pauline Jakober shares some of her favorite PPC tools and functions that have helped garner results for their PPC clients.


7. New AdWords innovations to drive better results for your business

Google announced innovations to the new AdWords interface. These improvements are promotion extension, ad variations, custom intent audience for GDN and more.


8. How Mobile-Friendly Are Your PPC Pages? Check This AdWords Report

Giving users a positive mobile experience has become important with the mobile user base ramping up. Cameron Dunn discusses about the landing page report in AdWords new interface that can help access the performance of your mobile landing page.

landing page report adwords


9. Holiday shoppers are in the driver’s seat — here’s what they’re looking for on Black Friday, and beyond

Ahead of the Black Friday shopping season, Google shared what customers are looking for and how advertisers can optimize their shopping campaigns for effective response.


10. Applying LinkedIn Audience Insights to Your Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn’s Arjun Desai shares the best ways advertisers can strategically apply audience data and apply relevant messaging to improve user engagement.


11. New: AdWords Data Control makes Data Studio reports even easier

A new feature has been announced in AdWords Data Studio which lets advertisers choose the accounts for which they wish to see data for in Data Studio Report. This new feature is called Data Control.


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