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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Facebook’s new brand safety control, Google’s update on political ads policy, Quora’s lead gen ads beta, Four ways where automation can help to strengthen your PPC campaign and more.


How to make a holiday shopping campaign for low budget accounts – Planning your advertising calendar and measuring your budget in the holiday season, is very crucial for small budget business in the holiday season. Amalia Fowler helps to know how we can plan holiday shopping campaigns in a low budget.


Introducing New Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers – To provide a safe environment to the advertisers, Facebook is sharing updates in three key areas with regards to their brand safety. Learn more about this announcement in this blog post.


Balance your spend across YouTube and TV with Reach Planner –  To maximize the reach of a video-based media plan, YouTube is launching  Nielsen TV Data in Reach Planner which helps you to see how different distributions of spend on TV and YouTube can affect your reach.

Gain more insight into your bid strategy with top signals – To give more transparency into which factors are driving your performance and provide insights, Google has announced top bidding signals in the bid strategy report. Learn more in this blog post.


An update on our political ads policy – An update from Google with regards to handling political ads on their platforms globally to help promote confidence in digital political advertising.


6 New YouTube Ads Features to Try Next Year – Ana Gotter explains six new YouTube Ads features to start planning your campaigns accordingly.


Quora’s Lead Gen Ads Beta: Ready For Round Two – An informative post by Alaina Thompson explaining why ad platforms like Quora and betas are so very important when it comes to advertising your campaigns.


4 Ways Automation Can Supercharge Your Holiday PPC Campaigns – A blog post by Frederick Vallaeys explaining ways where automation can help PPC advertisers to gain benefits from ad engines while still retaining a level of control that would be near impossible with purely manual strategies.


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