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Here is the recap of this week’s PPC News! 8 secrets to gain success in holiday advertising, New advance format options for Google Responsive Display ads, How Google’s search term announcements affecting account managers, and more.

Sponsored Display launches custom headline and logo worldwide – Now, advertisers can personalize their Sponsored Display product targeting ad creatives with custom headlines and brand logos, which will help to create more engaging ad creatives to convey the brand message.

Get your business ready for what comes next – In this blog post, Jerry Dischler shares innovations that will give you new insights about changing consumer behavior and help you meet customer demand in real-time through automation.

Google Ads advertising week announcements

Announcing the open beta for Digital Marketing Center – Digital Marketing Center is a way to help small and medium-sized business owners manage their digital marketing across not just Microsoft Advertising, but also on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prince Bajracharya, Cristiano Ventura & Rosé Dorleans give more insight into this blog post.

Finding eCommerce Success on the Display Network and YouTube – An informative post by Zato Marketing to help us to know how we can get eCommerce success on Display Network.

Reaching Your Audience on LinkedIn With Precision: A Primer [Infographic]Johanna Kimura shares ways to take advantage of LinkedIn’s tools and capabilities to make sure your campaigns are being seen by the right people

2020 Holiday Advertising: 8 Secrets to Success (and Sales) – As the holiday season is approaching fast, customers are going to need to shop online for holiday gifts. Michelle Morgan shares best practices for holiday advertising success in 2020.

Ad scheduling in Holiday season

New Advanced Format Options Available for Google Responsive Display Ads – Explore new options available for Responsive Display Ads to get a good handle on what is working best and what’s not working well for your campaigns.

How Will Google Ads Limiting Search Terms Affect Account Managers? – Search Term announcement by Google has created a havoc in PPC community. How it is affecting account managers, let’s find out in this interesting post.

What’s changed in Google Ads Locations reporting and why you need a custom report – In this article, Ginny Marvin shares the importance of location settings and reporting and what changes Google is making in location reporting.

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