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Gear up for a bunch of informative articles on AdWords, published the last week. The news captured monetizing developer apps, understanding A/B testing for your campaigns, expert tips shared on live chat, using reporting tools to its best, know-how of AdWords features and more.

Get enlightened with the assorted PPC articles and start executing!


1. Google gives developers new AdWords, Analytics, and AdMob tools to monetize their apps with ads

Now app and game makers can get their projects monetized with ads. With Universal App campaigns now the developers can easily reach out to their audience. Google spokesperson considers it to be the biggest update in app promotion business, and sure it is!


2. What do these Google AdWords features really do?

Don’t you wonder what strategies other PPC managers are adopting to optimize conversions? Are your tried and tested strategies not turning fruitful? Andrew Goodman, Founder & CEO at Page Zero Media, shares some valuable inputs on those AdWords features that help give you the desired results.


3. When high Adwords and PPC conversion rates are bad for business

Don’t let quantity decide whether your AdWords account is a success or not. The author emphasizes on creating quality ads and generating quality conversions, in this article. Why burn your budget in sub-par performing Ads?


4. Quick, Affordable A/B Testing With PPC

Getting caught between which ad to run? Leave the decision on the customers! How? Try A/B testing with your PPC campaigns and let the data decide which ad to finalize for your target audience.


5. Google AdWords: An Overview of Reporting Tools

Customize AdWords reports around what your focus area is. Get your campaigns evaluated basis metrics that you, as an advertiser, wish to measure. The author thoroughly captures this along with an understanding of how to use some of the other features such as dimensions tab, additional data & experimental settings.


6. New Google AdWords Ad Group Details Reports

In continuation to last month’s announcement of campaign details reports, Google announced ad group details reports to help drill down information about settings enabled for ad groups.


7. Keeping PPC accounts fresh

Here’s the transcribed streamcap of the live chat organized by #PPCChat. An interesting set of questions crafted by Matt Umbro is answered by himself and other PPC experts.


8. Can Facebook unseat Google

Can, Facebook, the repository of personal information and preferences out-beat Google?  ‘Maybe’ says Melissa Mackey in this article where she weighs the reasons why Facebook is a strong contender in challenging Google’s domination and why not.


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