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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Understand the growth of Instagram Advertising, Google’s advance location targeting update, Ways to blend Display and Video ads, LinkedIn’s new Ads tab to boost ads performance, Best tips for Google Ads in 2019 and more.


From Target Search Page Location and Outranking Share to Target Impression Share – Announcement from Google regarding “Target Impression Share Strategy” which will be in effect later this year.


Helping Businesses Succeed with LinkedIn – LinkedIn’s announcement to acquire Drawbridge, Inc. to boost the capabilities of Marketing Solutions platforms and for better customer reach.


The 9 Best Tips for Google Ads in 2019 – A practical guide by Steve Iva  on the best tips for Google Ads in 2019 to achieve best results.


Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics + LinkedIn: More Ways to Measure and Validate Video Performance -Introduction of Moat Analytics on LinkedIn is a move to measure viewability metrics of their video ads. Get more insight here.


Search + native: 5 tactics the pros use for maximizing ROI –  In this article, Stein Broeder explains how you can increase customer reach with Microsoft Audience Ads and what are the 5 ways to boost campaign ROI.


Instagram Advertising Continues to Increase for Social Media Marketers – A brief write-up by Krystle Vermes to understand the growth of Instagram Advertising among marketers.

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Google is expanding when it shows ads to ‘people in targeted locations’ – Get a sneak peek in Google’s advance location targeting update by Ginny Marvin as she helps to know more in this regard.

Google Adwords 101: The Complete Google Shopping Ads Guide For 2019 – As Google Shopping Ads has become an important channel for retailers, Greg Swan sheds light on the complete shopping guide for 2019.


3 Ways to Combine Display Ads and Video Ads for Brand Awareness – In this article,Brad Smith explains how to blend Display and Video Ads to gain easiest and highest ROI.


LinkedIn’s New Ads Tab Will Show Users a Company’s Sponsored Content – In this article, Kristin Linde explains how LinkedIn’s new Ads tab will help marketers to boost their ads performance while checking the performance of their competitors Ads. 


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