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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Five ways to get the most out of Call-Only Ads, Google Ad’s message extension, Amazon OTT advertising, Updates & announcements from Karooya, Using sponsored display to increase holiday momentum and more.

Google Ads Is Killing Message Extensions—What You Need to Do NOW – Google announced that starting January 27, 2020, message extensions will no longer serve. Mark Irvin sheds more light on this announcement in this blog post.


5 Tips for Making the Most of Call-Only Ads on Google – Call-only ads can be a great choice for service-based business as it is the best way to get in touch with clients. In this article, Ana Gotter explains 5 ways to get the most out of these call-only ads.


3 ways to extend your holiday momentum using Sponsored Display – After seeing increased impressions after a festival season or holiday, advertisers want to get the next opportunity soon. This article will help you with 3 reasons why advertising with Sponsored Display after the holidays can help you make the most of your holiday momentum.


Updates & Announcements By Karooya in 2019 – To help advertisers better manage their paid search marketing activities, we have updating our existing tools and introducing some exciting new features in 2019. Learn more in this blog post.


Why You Need to Start Testing Your Ad Copy Today – A brief blog post by Aden Andrus explaining some really good reasons why you might want to invest some extra time and effort into optimizing your ad copy.


Deep Dive Into Amazon OTT Advertising – An informative blog post by Tara Johnson explaining Amazon OTT advertising and why should we care.


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