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Here is the recap of this week’s PPC News edition! Self-service display advertising solution from Amazon, 4 digital marketing strategies for the holiday season, Twitter’s improved Carousel Ads, Upcoming LinkedIn ads products for B2B marketers, and more.

Introducing self-service Fire TV ads (beta) – Amazon Advertising is introducing a self-service display advertising solution for Fire TV where you can quickly create campaigns that promote apps, movies, and TV shows to relevant audiences.

How it started, how it’s going: Performance advertising on Twitter – Twitter is excited to share new and improved Carousel ads which are now available to all. J Lewis explains more in this informative article.

Reaching High-Intent Users With LinkedIn’s Engagement Retargeting Audiences – LinkedIn engagement retargeting is a relatively new form of matched audience. Jeff Mortensen helps to know each new audience type included in the engagement retargeting rollout, and explain when and how each audience can benefit your performance marketing mix.

LinkedIn Engagement Retargeting

Upcoming LinkedIn Ads Products for B2B Marketers – LinkedIn recently announced some upcoming product initiatives which will make big change to LinkedIn in near future. Some of the important ones has been explained in this article.

Four digital marketing strategies to prepare for a wild holiday season – As most of the people doing their holiday shopping online, this post will help you to to adjust your strategies to reach your desired audience.

Tracking Experiments Across Multiple Google Ads Accounts [Case Study] – A case study by Dan Rocklin to track experiments across Google Ads accounts.

Track Experiments across Google ads account

LinkedIn Discovers Ad Metric Error Which Lead to Over 400k Advertisers Being Overcharged – A significant error in LinkedIn’s ad reporting that has caused many LinkedIn advertisers to be overcharged for their campaigns over the past two years. More insight into this post written by Andrew Hutchinson.

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