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Wondering why your PPC account is using all the budget but not giving valuable results? Lets dig into the common factors that could be causing all that hurt.

Are you missing out on the following? If yes, then there you have found one of the reasons why your PPC account is leaking money.

1. Not adding ad schedule

You WILL end up wasting your money by running ads ads during non-operational day of the week/ hour of day. By using, ad scheduling you schedule your ads to show during peak the peak hour(s) or day(s) and operational business hour(s) or day(s).

For instance the Clothing store, as shown below, closes by 9 pm. It would be a wise step for them to not show their ads when they have closed down.

clothing store

2. Not adding negative keywords

This is one of the key task that’s often missed out on. The need to add negative keywords is as important as adding target keywords. If you wish to show your ads for certain keywords, similarly you would not want to show your ads for keywords that are irrelevant or underperforming.

Our Negative Keywords Tool helps a great deal in identifying such terms. Adding negative keywords helps control wasted ad spend and also helps drive your focus on bidding on more targeted terms

3. Not tracking conversions

If you haven’t got tracking enabled, then it would be difficult to ascertain what keywords might be burning your money. Also, tracking the right conversions, that are aligned with your business goals will help you understand what’s causing the loss.

4. Not using all match types correctly

If you have considered only using broad match type or phrase match type , then there is equal chance of your ads not reaching your target audience. In order to tap your target, it is advisable to use a correct mix of different match types, evaluate its performance and invest highly on more targeted keywords

5. Not using device bid modifiers

Device bid adjustments come handy when you wish to show your ads or limit your ads for a certain device type. You could decide that by evaluating which device is driving the results and which are not. Basis your findings, you could bid low for underperforming device types or high for device types that you wish to optimize. In this way you save money by investing on those devices which are being used by your target audience.

6. Poor ads and landing page relevance

Now if your ad is directing your customers to a landing page that is not relevant to what they were searching for, then the cost of getting that click on the ad is a wasted cost (if your chosen clicks as the metric). For the conversion metric, leading customers to a page that is not relevant, will not result in a conversion. And even though it didn’t cost you (as you didn’t get a conversion), it still hasn’t resulted in a positive outcome.

7. Putting All Your Keywords in One Ad Group

Grouping your keywords appropriately is of utmost importance. It then helps showing the right ad with the right information. If you add all the keywords in one ad group, then it will even cater to search terms that might not be addressed by the ad. It will then, result in a lost customer. So, instead add those keywords that are in sync with the ad in the ad group.

8. Not targeting the right locations

By default, your location settings is set to ‘All countries and territories’. So if your business operates globally you might want to exclusively target those geographie. On the other hand, if you are a local business then running ads in places where you are not operational, is a waste of money.

Also, for your targeted locations you can also save money by increasing bids for regions that are driving clicks and reducing bids for locations that aren’t performing that well.

9. Using bid strategy not aligned with your business goals

If your campaign objective is to drive people to sign up for your newsletter, then you are looking for a conversion there. It would then be appropriate to choose either Maximize Conversions or Target CPA for your campaign. In similar way depending on what business goal you are trying to achieve, align your campaign’s bidding strategy with it.

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