Bulk Uploading of Structured Snippets in Bing Ads – A Step-By-Step Guide

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Yesterday, Bing Ads announced availability of Structured Snippets ad extension for all the accounts. Applying Structured Snippets to each campaign manually can be tedious, especially if you have dozens of campaigns. There is no bulk update functionality available in Bing Ads Editor or its web UI, yet. But, don’t worry. In this step by step guide, you… Read more »

Announcing Expanded Text Ads Preview Tool

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You may already know that, recently, Google announced a new format (Expanded Text Ads) for text ads in AdWords. (If you missed that event, we have the transcript) The new ad format will sport 2 headlines, of 30 characters each.  It will have one consolidated description of 80 characters (instead of current two descriptions of 35 characters each.) There are… Read more »