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The customer’s first encounter with your brand is generally through the landing page. So, it is important for you to create that first impression. A positive landing page experience encourages visitors to act on their decisions.

Any landing page’s primary goal is to convert website visitors into leads. You must first understand your target buyers so that you can meet their wants. In this manner, you’ll be able to develop a landing page that appeals to them, resulting in a sale.

You can face landing page issues in two situations:

  • To promote your services, you’ve established a landing page. Although traffic is flowing in, it is not turning into leads.
  • Your landing page has been active for quite some time now. You opted to keep it that way since it started to provide desirable results. However, your lead count dropped abruptly.

So, what could be the problem? You might have to improve your landing page experience.

How To Improve Your Landing Page Experience

Here are some of the points you can keep in mind while optimizing your landing page experience:

A Clear Call to Action: You would like to convert a click into a sale. To accomplish this, you would need a strong “call to action”. A lack of the same can cause users to come and go quickly. Make sure to employ memorable phrases that are relevant to your goal of generating sales or generating leads.

Call to action on landing page

Use of Original and Engaging Content: Everyone likes to read something which is original and that they enjoy reading. Same content across all the landing pages is not something desirable. So, try creating fresh content for each of your landing pages and make it unique and engaging. This will add value to your brand and the services you offer.

Uses of headings, bullet points, or numbers help users to find the exact information. By Communicating the message in a simplified manner, you will help visitors to feel engaged and this will boost overall conversions.

Relevancy to Your Ad Copy: This is a common mistake & one should avoid this. What could upset a user more than discovering that what he saw in the ads is not available on the website? So, double-check that the information in the ad copy is likewise available on the landing page.

Page Load Speed: You never want your consumer to wait! A simple website can quickly show people what your company has to offer. And the faster the service, the happier the customer will be and the higher his view of you will be. You can check the mobile speed of your site here. If your page speed is slow, try shrinking your photos and removing any unnecessary text.

Audit Your PPC Account: Keeping a close watch on the keywords with poor landing page experience can help you improve strategically. To do so, Karooya’s Free AdWords Audit Report helps you with a keyword summary of all quality score components.

Here is a snapshot of what the landing page experience report looks like. You get to access a keyword summary basis the rating.

Keyword summary quality score report

Here is how the breakup of the keywords vis-a-vis their quality score components is shown:

Quality score components

Mobile Friendly: With mobile becoming more popular and customers using it as a primary source of information, having a website that is compatible with all devices, particularly mobile, is preferable.

Use of Visual Media: Product or service-related Images on the landing page can help to connect with the visitor. On the other hand, videos can be used to show how easy it is to use your services and increase the engagement on the page.

Use of visual media to improve landing page experience

Easy Navigation: This is a common SEO practice to follow. You don’t want your customer to lose his way while on your website. So, design your website such that a user may quickly find the information they require. If you’re running an eCommerce site, make sure that making a transaction is simple for the user. Also, don’t bombard the user with unnecessary ads or pop-ups that can disrupt the flow of action.

Attention to Page’s SEO: Use your keywords in the title, meta description, heading, and image alt text. To have the correct keyword density in your content, use SEO best practices. While keyword insertion is a smart technique to follow, make sure the content is contextually relevant to your ad as well.

Wrapping It All Up

Landing page experience is one of the components of Quality Score. Each component gives you an edge over your competitors. Improving them improves the quality score and a higher quality score helps to get relevant traffic, high CTR, and improved ad rank. Karooya has a Free Google Ads Script to Analyze Quality Score in Detail.

The landing page should be relevant to the search term and provide answers to the user’s query. Conveniently speaking, as much an ad copy is important to entice a user to click, a landing page takes it to the next level of converting the customer.

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