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Google measures the quality of your campaign through the quality score. If you want to cut down your cost per click (CPC) and boost the performance of your campaign, you need to improve your Quality Score.

For your PPC campaign to be more effective, you need to improve the quality scores. In this post, we will find out, what exactly you can do to boost your Google Ads quality scores.


How to Improve Quality Score


Analyzing Individual Keywords: When you run campaigns in bulk, it becomes very much time consuming to get the quality score of individual keywords. Quality of your ad for a keyword is set on three components:

  • Expected Click-Through Rate
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Experience

These three attributes help advertisers to decide and accordingly take the action to boost their quality score. To help you with the decision, we have an Adwords Script to analyze the quality score in detail. This script creates a summary sheet for your data to understand what exactly is happening in your account or campaign.


Click here to get the script.


Using Relevant Keywords: Keywords are one of the ingredients which affect the quality of your campaign if not measured and used wisely. When a user types a keyword to search for his desired product, the kind of keywords he has used will decide whether your ad or website will pop up or not. One has to do thorough research before using the keywords. The research will help you to know, what type of keywords people are using. how they are related to your product and do they have an opportunity to get you the traffic. Relevant keywords can help you to boost your quality score hence more conversions.


Matching Ad Copy to the Landing Page Headline: To get your quality scores up, visitors should have a good landing page experience. For a good landing page, it is important that description on your landing page matches the ad copy or the link which brought the visitors to your website.

For example, if your ad copy promises to get Pink Shrugs then, your landing page should also say the same.

This will assure your visitors that they have come to the right place and chances of conversion are more.


Work on the Landing Pages: Your landing page leaves the first and last impression on your visitors. If your landing page is not in good shape and confusing your visitors, your quality score tends to go down. You can consider some of the below points to boost the quality score:

  • Make sure that your landing page has relevant keywords. Consider having important and unique keywords that will make your visitors interested in your content and soon they can turn into customers.
  • To give a good landing page experience, work on the page speed and bounce rate. These quick bounces can give you a low conversion rate and can deteriorate your quality scores.
  • Decrease the page load time. If your website takes time to load, visitors can get bored and might consider searching for some other sites.
  • One should be able to browse your website from mobile as well as a desktop and should be well responsive.

Read our blog post to get more points on how to improve your landing page experience 

Good landing page experience is very crucial for a good quality score. Especially in this fast digital world where people have less patience and they want everything to move fast.


Keeping a Limited Number of Keywords in an Ad Group: Quality score depends upon the quality of keywords, not the quantity of how many keywords you have in an ad group. Google recommends 15 to 20 Keywords in an ad group but it also seems like a big number. Why should you limit the number of keywords? Click here to get an answer.

For a good quality score, your ad, keywords and landing pages should be in harmony. If you limit the number of keywords in an ad group, your ad copy can perfectly relate to it and landing page will also have enough remarks to those keywords.

To find potential keywords, one can look into the search term report. If you wish to get to know the negative keywords, this report can help you too. And to find negative keywords for a large account, you can use an automated tool. Give our negative keyword tool a try.

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