How To Create Bulk Ad Schedule in Bing Ads?

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If advertisers want to replicate Ad Schedule across all campaigns through Bing’s web interface, they have to do it manually which is time taking task. On the other hand, doing it manually also increases the risk of making errors. To save time and make the process error-free, advertisers can make bulk edits easily through Bing Ads Editor.

Using Trello For PPC Management

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As your PPC account grows you might find it a little difficult to keep a track of things. Companies with in-house PPC may struggle with organizing campaigns, creating seasonal campaigns, building keyword lists etc. More so, defining a proper workflow and task management may affect their marketing strategies. Alternately, the agencies handling multiple PPC accounts… Read more »

Comparing Negative Keywords – Google vs Bing

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The role of negative keywords is indispensable. It filters unwanted traffic, unwanted clicks and thus, you save on your ad spend. Irrespective of which paid SERP you are using for running your ads, you would not want to invest unwisely. So whether be it AdWords, Bing, Baidu, etc. adding negative keyword is definitely a must-job.