Learn About Negative Keywords in Bing Ads

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Negative Keyword is that essential component of your PPC campaign that helps prevent your ad from being shown when a search query contains the keyword you have bidded for but which is irrelevant to your business and landing page content. Bing treats this no differently than AdWords,when it comes to running ads in their platform.In this… Read more »

5 Reasons That Make Negative Keywords Crucial

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Negative Keywords and your PPC campaign go hand-in-hand. It is close to impossible for your Google Ads account to function effectively without the use of negative keywords. There impact on overall performance is immense as it controls the unwanted clicks and increases the conversion rate.

7 Ways to Expand Your List of Negative Keywords

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[Post Updated on 18 September 2019] The post was updated with screenshots from the new Google Ads Interface. To ensure continuity of a result-driven PPC campaign, marketers need to keep on building their negative keywords. So, if you thought of creating negative keywords list once was enough, the answer is ‘Definitely Not’.

Are curse words negative keywords?

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As a PPCer, you would have pre-decided on some negative keywords that you would want to assign to your campaign. Part of such irrelevant terms are the ‘curse words’ or swear words. Marketers do not want to in any way show their ads for such words. But are all search terms with the cuss words really irrelevant?… Read more »