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With the new year gaining momentum, PPCers are back to work with some interesting topics for discussion. Here is a recap of the top ppc news from last week.


Facebook Advertising vs. Google Advertising: Which is Better? – Pauline Jakober does not rule out using Facebook advertising, instead she shares how both can go hand-in-hand.


How To Download Search Terms Report From Amazon Ads? – A quick step-by-step guide to download the search terms report and identify the terms that are working for you and the terms that are not.


How are your YouTube campaigns performing on TV screens? – With advertisers now able to target TV screens for their video campaigns, here is Joe Martinez discussing how to check ut its performance.

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Shopping ads for the small budget: Here’s what to expect in 2019 – Have a small budget for your Bing Ads account? Kirk Williams shares what all to expect in the year 2019 starting with the end of feeds. What more? read this post for details.


The Evolution of Facebook Ads Over the Years – Kristin Palmer takes us down the memory lane to have a look at how Facebook ads has evolved over the years.


5 PPC Strategies to Test in 2019 – Michelle Morgan, with the new year upon us, shares five strategies that advertisers must test this year to attain a profitable and growing PPC account.

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Five of the Best New Google Ads Features Introduced in 2018 – Year 2018, saw some major features announced by Google Ads. Here are the top 5 features that are all set to impact and be useful this year.


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