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Here is a recap of this week’s PPC News edition! Google is testing local ads in maps auto-suggests, PPC brand safety 2020, Updates on automated bidding strategies in Microsoft Advertising, Amplify your holiday marketing with Amazon Attribution, and more.

Google Smart vs. Standard Shopping: When to choose which campaign type– There are advantages and disadvantages of using Google’s Smart and Standard Shopping campaign. Through this article, Geetanjali Tyagi gives insight on some use cases for better understanding which Google Shopping campaign type will work better for your needs.

Google tests local ads in Maps auto-suggest results – Google continues to test new ways to surface ads and this time, they are testing ads for local businesses in Google Maps auto-suggest search results. Ginny Marvin gives more insight on the same.

Google is testing local ads in maps auto suggest

Make every marketing dollar count with attribution and lift measurement – If we wish to use our ad budget in a wise way, we need tools that help to learn how people are responding to our ads, so we can take action to improve the results. Let’s take a look at the announcements from Google regarding improvements to attribution in Google Ads & updates to lift measurement solutions.

How much does Google’s new search term filtering affect ad spend transparency? Here’s how to find out – Google’s search term visibility announcement had a huge impact on PPC experts. Noticing the concerns, Frederick Vallaeys has come up with a Google Ads script to calculate how many queries are unidentified.

21 Essential Tips & Tools for Running International Google Ads – Whether you are expanding your new business or have been in the business for quite some time, the paid search practices remain the same. In this blog post, we learn 21 best practices to gain success while you are running international Google Ads.

Best practices to run international google ads campaigns

4 ways to amplify your holiday marketing with Amazon Attribution – Amazon Attribution can boost your holiday marketing strategy by offering unique insights about how your non-Amazon digital marketing across channels, creatives, and landing pages impacts how your audiences engage with your brand on Amazon. Learn more in this informative blog post.

Automated bidding strategies update – In this blog post, learn all the updates with regards to automated bidding strategies in Microsoft advertising.

Automated Bidding Strategies update

PPC Brand Safety 2020: Search Channels – Many times we see misplaced ads popping up next to an ironic news article and this could spoil the brand name of your or your client’s company. Andrea Taylor explains ways to keep your client and client’s brand safe.

How to Use Google’s Call Recording to Listen to Your Call Ads – Advertisers use call ads and call extensions to see the number of calls and their duration and always wish to know more about these calls & assess whether they were viable leads or something else. Pauline Jakober shed some light on how this feature can be used to listen to call ads.

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