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Welcome to this week’s PPC News Edition! Build your brand with YouTube, Remarketing vs. Retargeting, Basics to boost your product launch with sponsored ads, Get more calls using Facebook Click-To-Call Ads,  Reach more of your ideal customers with custom audiences, and more.

Reach more of your ideal customers with custom audiences – As Google promised last year, custom affinity and custom intent audiences have been brought into one simplified solution which is custom audiences. It is available for all advertisers across Display, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns. 

Reach ideal customers with custom audiences

Build your brand with YouTube: New ways to drive reach and engage your audience at scale – The digital boom is here. Leading brands are making the most of YouTube’s massive reach and deeply relevant content to build brand awareness, and ultimately, drive results at scale. Debbie Weinstein shares new ways to help advertisers achieve these goals in this blog post.

Supporting marketers in automated search strategies – In partnership with Microsoft, Google, SDIM and iProspect, DDMA and IAB Netherlands published a new ‘Search Automation’ whitepaper which will help marketers in getting more successful campaigns by search automation.

How much does Google’s new search term filtering affect ad spend transparency? Here’s how to find out – A Google Ads script by Frederick Vallaeys which will help you to see the impact of Google’s recent search term announcement on your own account.

This decade’s most important marketing question: What data rights do advertisers possess? – Recent announcement by Google to strip search term data has raised concern among marketers regarding their data rights. Kirk Williams addresses this concern in this blog post.

Remarketing vs. Retargeting: Are They The Same Thing? – Confused about the difference between Remarketing and Retargeting? Susan Wenograd sheds some light on the same here.

4 basics to boost your product launch with sponsored ads – Find out some useful tips on how to help launch successful sponsored ads campaigns for a new product and achieve your goals.

Improve LinkedIn Retargeting Success with These Helpful Resources – Retargeting is a must for B2B marketers who want to optimize their efforts and ad spend. Here  you can find a couple of helpful resources to guide your retargeting efforts so you can get started increasing your conversion rates on LinkedIn. 

Tips to Improve LinkedIn Retargeting

Bumper Ads: Your Six-Second Secret Weapon – In this article, Pauline Jakober explains how combining Bumper Ads with additional bumper ads or a TrueView video for action ad can give you a new powerful tool.

A Faster and Easier Way to Manage Your Business on Facebook and Instagram – Due to this pandemic, small businesses have had to find new ways to sell and reach customers online. New products like Facebook shop makes it easier for them to showcase their products and sell directly. Sheryl Sandberg sheds more light on the same.

How to Easily Get More Calls Using Facebook Click-To-Call Ads – In this informative blog post, Akvile DeFazio helps to refresh on  “click-to-call” call to action for Facebook ad campaigns, how to set it up and recommendations for which campaign to use to achieve your Facebook advertising goals.

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