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Bing Ads announces news tracking parameter for your ad extensions and location, updates the interface with new landing page testing option and Upgraded URL filters. On the other hand, AdWords announced new tools to help advertisers with their YouTube campaigns. This and and more ppc posts covered in this week’s recap of Weekly PPC News.


1. New URL tracking parameters for ad extensions & locations

Bing Ads introduced new tracking parameters to help advertisers ascertain the ad extension that led to the click and the geographical location from where the click happened.


2. Bing Ads Editor: Bringing greater control on when to show your ad extensions and improved shared libraries

After announcing Bing Ads scheduling for ad extension in January this year, Bing last week extended the ad scheduling control to Bing Ads Editor.

bing ads editor ad scheduling


3. Lost in the Shuffle: Why You Should Give Paused Keywords Another Chance

Why you should re-visit your keywords and what action to take when reviewing them. Learn about the importance of this task and why giving paused keywords a chance might prove beneficial.


4. 10 Common AdWords Mistakes You Might Be Making

Susan Wenograd shares the common 10 mistakes that advertisers seem to make more frequently and how you can go about fixing the issue.


5. See What’s Next in the New AdWords Interface

A walkthrough of the new AdWords Interface and what are the changes that advertisers (who haven’t yet received the invite) can expect to witness. Stephen Kapusta takes us through the new AdWords UI.

adwords new ui


6. 5 Ways To Use Facebook Messenger Ads To Engage Your Audience

With an expected reach of 1 billion target audience, Facebook messenger is a must place for advertisers to market their product. Tara Johnson discusses about what Facebook Messenger Ads are and how to use them.


7. What the Change to Siri Search from Bing to Google Means for Paid Search

Andy Taylor assesses how the change of Apple’s default engine from Bing to Google will impact paid search landscape and how Google can be expected to monetize Siri queries..


8. Holiday Marketing Strategy: Why You Should Increase Investment Before Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upcoming, but this is the time when most online shoppers are doing window shopping. So, what strategy should you put to practice? Here is some food for thought.


9. Ad management update: Test landing pages and filter by URL

Bing Ads has made new which will see advertisers testing landing pages to find any issues with it and new filtering options for keywords or ads.

landing page test bing ads


10. Know Their Intention, Get Their Attention: New Ways to Connect and Measure on YouTube

Google shared new ways to connect with audience on YouTube by introducing four new tools. Learn about what these new features are and what role they play.


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