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Ever since Google announced an improved format of the text ads, marketers are excited about when the change will be rolled out from beta. With an increased character limit, one can benefit by adding more valuable content to communicate the message.

Rightly called ‘Expanded Text Ads‘ , the revised format has 2 headlines (previously one) and one consolidated description (previously two).



Expanded Text Ad Character Limits


Here are the character limits of the Expanded Text Ads in AdWords:


Expanded Text Ad Character Limit Current Text Ad Limit
Headline 1 30 characters 25 characters
Headline 2 30 characters NA
Description Consolidated 80 character description 2 Description Lines with 35 character each
Display URL Replaced with 2 path fields, each having 15 character limit and is an optional field 35 character limit


This change surely offers an opportunity for advertisers to invest in pay-per-click advertising. There is a significant change made to the display URL too, where the domain is extracted from your destination URL to avoid any errors in mismatch. Further, you can make edits to the URL path that you want viewers to see.



Preview Your Expanded Text Ads


Want to know how the expanded text ads will display your ad on mobile and desktop search results? Or are you planning to prepare your client’s account for this update? We, at Karooya, have recently developed the Expanded Ad Preview Tool to help you create your FIRST expanded text ads and view your ad’s preview.

Here’s how the tool looks like:

Expanded Text Ads Preview Tool


So, no more waiting! You can put your creativity to test and try out various combinations of Expanded Text Ads for your client or business. Start creating your ads now!


Test Your Expanded Text Ads:

Once you launch a bunch of ads, you may have to come back and check their performance. This Google Ads script to find the best performing ads will help you find the winning ads in your account. Run this script and pause the poor performing ads.


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