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The first month of the year and PPC space was filled with announcements, digital marketing findings for Q4 2016, best practices guide and other views from the experts around.

Here are the top 10 posts from Jan 2017.


1. Stay on top of campaigns across platforms with Automated Imports

With the new Automated Imports, advertisers can now automatically sync their AdWords campaigns with Bing Ads. So, now you don’t have to spend time manually making the updates and manage campaigns across both platforms effectively.


2. A new guide to driving sales with Gmail Ads

Google’s new guide on Gmail campaigns that will help you optimize your Gmail ads and set up an effective strategy to make the most out of it.


3. AdWords Message Extension Conversion Tracking Software

Karooya announced a NEW nifty software to simplify the task of reaching audience and tracking conversions generated from Message Extension. Try this software for free here.


4. How to Audit Ad Extensions

How doe you determine if out of thousands of active campaigns which don’t have any ad extensions and which extensions are being utilized. Brad Geddes discusses this in his new post.


5. New: Share Google AdWords Negative Keywords Across Accounts

Now you can easily share your negative keywords across multiple accounts if linked with your manager account. Barry Schwartz elaborates this new update in this post.


6. How to Reevaluate Your PPC Goals for 2017

Have you set up your PPC goals for this year? Here is why you should think about reevaluating your goals and when you should think about changing them. Nadine Janker elaborates in this post.


7. Four resolutions for Shopping success in 2017

Make Google Shopping even more successful this year by putting these impactful new features into practice. More details in this announcement by Google.


8. A new guide to testing and experimentation in AdWords

The beginning of year 2017 saw a new guide published by Google intended to help understand if any proposed changes in your account will help you achieve your performance goals


9. Merkle Q4 2016 Digital Marketing Report Released

Merkle published their digital marketing findings and analysis for Q4, 2016. Download the entire report to get the intricate details or view this post for major highlights shared by Andy Taylor and Mark Ballard.


10. Visible Quality Score versus Auction Quality Score

Quality Score visible in the account is not the one used in auction. Know the difference between the auction and visible QS as Brad Geddes gives suggestions to improve your visible quality score.


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