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Launched last year, Discovery campaign uses Google’s machine learning to show the best combinations of your ad assets.

Discovery Campaign & Its Benefits

Discovery Campaign is a new way to reach your customers through Google’s Customer Intent Targeting, remarketing and In–marketing.

The many benefits that you get from it are:

  • Reaching potential audience on Google’s Discover Feeds, YouTube Home Feed, Gmail Social Promotion tab, with a single campaign
  • Reaching customers with relevant and visually rich personalized ads
  • Benefit from Google’s understanding of what customers want and what would drive results

Here is how to get started with Discovery campaign

Select the campaign type while creating a new campaign on Google Ads

You can specify you target audience while setting up your campaign. Select your preferred audience type : remarketing, in-marketing or custom intent.

You could also revisit this part later by going to set the Audience tab on the left hand bar and then clicking on the edit icon to see your options

In the next step, click on Browse to view the options available. Choose the option that best defines how you can best identify your target audience

We created discovery campaign with custom intent audience, so here is how to create it. You can choose other options available.

Go to ‘New Custom Audience’ (if you have an existing custom audience then you can select that or create a new one)

Now add the desired search terms to target and reach your potential audience

With this step, you have created your first discovery campaign.

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